October 15th – Sometimes, all you want to do is tear up the trails and get rid of the pressures of the previous days, and on a borrowed 29er, that’s exactly what I did. It’s amazing how, late on a Sunday afternoon with dusk encroaching, the Chase is deserted, as if most of the bikers,… Read More

December 31st – A bit of a bug and a mountain of admin and accounts paperwork for work kept me home, but the weather wasn’t great. I slipped out at teatime, and sped along the darkened canal through Brownhills to Chasewater.  There was no moonlight, and for once, Chasewater in the dark was uninspiring but… Read More

November 13th – Another evening mooch around Lichfield with camera and tripod. I’m really enjoying night photography at the moment and am learning more about the camera with every attempt. Mind, it’s easy in Lichfield – such an enigmatic, beautiful place at night.

January 3rd – A late, wet spin around Brownhills after another very, very wet day. Thankfully, I had a huge amount of paperwork to do for work, so at least I didn’t feel so bad about missing a decent cycling day. Brownhills was wet, dank, and once again, oddly warm. I hardly saw a soul,… Read More

December 27th – A cruise around Brownhills in the dark of a damp but moonlit night was odd. It didn’t feel like Sunday, in what must be considered the perineum of the year, this netherworld between Christmas and the return of normality at the turn of the new year. It felt like nowhere – there… Read More

Christmas Day – I realised I had no cash, and spun up the High Street late in the evening to go to the cashpoint. Brownhills was dead, somnambulant and deserted. I didn’t see a soul. After the hubbub and bustle of the day, it was really, really lovely. 

December 4th – Tough day, so on the way home I hopped over Chasewater for some pictures in the dark. I really like Chasewater like this; when it’s dark in winter and there’s nobody around. The night was still, and the air cold. Waterfowl were gathered on the wake-line mast anchors, roosting out of reach… Read More

November 28th – The day was mad and stressful, and the weather atrocious. I wanted to attend Gerald Reece’s history talk, but was stuck at work until late. Pouring myself liquid down the High Street at top speed to get home, I stopped for a couple of pics of Brownhills deserted late; then I got… Read More

December 26th – I nipped out again in the evening. Crossing the tollroad bridge at Pool Road, I took a shot of a deserted M6 Toll. For quite a long time, there were no passing cars at all. So quiet. It’s like a ghost-road. But then, everywhere was quiet, I don’t think I saw a… Read More

June 21st – After a circuit of Chasewater and a good nosey round the largely stalled dam works (security? What security?) I realised it was nearly dark and I only had a back light, so needed to get home quick. The park was deserted save for the odd dog walker, and I’ve always found the… Read More