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September 30th – The rest of Birmingham, from Snow Hill to Soho, from Victoria Square to the Bull Ring, was carrying on regardless, as it tends to do – the architecture as ever was a joy, as were the crowded streets and very changeable weather. 

Birmingham has progressed massively in my lifetime. But I still adore it. It’s a wonderful place. 

Birmingham – please never stop changing.

April 5th – A bad day for commuting, really; soaked with a headwind on the way to work, and shot blasted by hail and caught in a short, sharp shower on the way home. But at least by then, the wind was behind me.

The rain on my return was broken by periods of bright sunshine which although directly warm on the back, couldn’t counter the strong, bitter wind; but we did get a rainbow. Almost Imperceptible to the northeast, but stronger over the darker cloud to the southeast it was beautiful – and a good while since I saw one.

Talk about four seasons in one day…

July 24th – One of the sights of summer I’ve so far missed is the crop sprinkler. Near Shenstone today, one solitary spray, watering a field of fine looking potatoes. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can get a full rainbow in their mist, but my efforts to find one today wee fruitless. 

If you’re even luckier, it’s near the road, and there’s a delicious game of dare as you try to cycle past without getting sprayed.

Wehen I was a youth, you could hear these – and there would have been large numbers of them – for miles, the light rushing sound and the toc-toc-toc of the rotator, but since crops have switched more to cereals, they’re a rarer sight.

March 22nd – It was sunshine and showers on the way home, and often at the same time. This gave rise to a great rainbow – but sadly, it was too fleeting to capture at it’s best. Still, it was rather beautiful, all the same…

November 5th – Today was April again. Chilly, a morning punctuated by sharp showers, but lit up by remarkable periods of sunshine. I headed to Shenstone for no other reason than the countryside was gorgeous, and I could spare the extra time. The rainbow was wonderful.

I love these lanes.

Septeber 7th – Escaping late afternoon, the sky was dark, but the cloud broken. I’ve started exploring Hopwas Hayes Wood, and I aimed myself in that direction, through Shenstone and Little Hay, then up Knox’s Grave Lane. At Shenstone Park, the heavens opened for about 10 minutes, then the sun came out. The pattern continued, and at Weeford and Tamhorn, it resulted in fantastic rainbows. The warm sun was never far away, and Hopwas Hays Wood was fantastic, too. 

The only note of concern was the distinct chill in the air as evening fell. I don’t like that; it caressed like winter.

September 27th – As I returned along the canal, something remarkable happened. A rainbow formed. In the distance over Hammerwich from the canal, the sky went from blue, to dark, to blue again, and then moved to form the most incredibly vivid rainbow. It lasted about ten minutes, long enough for me to wonder if there really was a pot of gold at Meerash Farm, but then, as quickly as it formed, it dissipated. It left one cyclist transfixed. Remarkably, all this occurred with no rain where I was. Sometimes, you’re just in the right place at the right time, and today, this was the case. I was privileged to see this. Nature, reminding us that it holds all the cards and will perform when she’s ready.

Perhaps autumn isn’t so bad after all.

August 21st – Autumn is tapping on my shoulder. Soon, it will be that most depressing of bank holidays, the summer one. To me, that one signals the end of summer and start of autumn, like a marker post. Tonight, there was distinctly autumnal weather to remind me. Sudden, very heavy showers alternated with sunshine. It was getting colder, and there was a chill edge to the rain. This is what autumn always feels like at first.

Hello darkness, my old friend. 

June 30th – The sky was grey and rain showers stalked me as I headed out for a spin around Chasewater before tea. There was rain in the distance, over towards Lichfield, but it hadn’t got here yet. Instead, in mingled with shafts of distant sunlight and formed fragments of a rainbow. Never a whole one, the weather just teased me with pieces. The bad weather is so mean this year – it won’t even be beautiful while it’s being grim.

October 29th – Today found me at Chasewater again, and once more I was here at the dying of the day. Coming over the motorway bridge at twilight, against what was a rather evil wind, it threatened rain; rain which was clearly already falling elsewhere. This peculiar little rainbow was visible for 20 minutes or so due east. A lovely splash of colour on a rather dull day.