June 22nd – Up in Walsall Wood, near Streets Corner, there’s a sad sight. It had been positive news when plans were unveiled for the demolition of a row of derelict houses and the building of a new close.

Sadly, all that’s happened is demolition, and now the site is up for sale.

I had a feeling that was going to happen. This site has been derelict a long time – so sad to see. Looks like it’ll be that way for a while yet.

April 10th – The old derelict terraces at Streets Corner in Walsall Wood have been demolished now, except for the one at the southern end. This odd little house, under renovation for as long as I can remember, remains steadfastly in private ownership, and will, apparently, be built into the new development of houses to come here.

The new build scheme here seems to have taken ages to get off the ground. I hope it progresses well – the dereliction here until the demolition has been a blot on the landscape for many years, and that little end terrace, covered in creepers, looks very lonely on its own.

March 21st – I returned from Walsall in the beginnings of a storm of wet, heavy-flaked snow. It soaked through my jeans, and made me cold, wet and miserable, a mood not helped by the utterly relentless and unforgiving easterly headwind.

Walsall Wood church looked good in the cold night, and the lights of the new Co-op store on Streets Corner – only opened that morning – were cheering.

March 13th – There’s a lot of changes in progress at the moment in Walsall Wood, as I noted when I passed through tonight. The new Co-op store is finally ready to open on the 21st March at Streets Corner, and nearby, a new car sales showroom is being built on the site of the old library. Several applications had approval there, from a complex of flats to a convenience store. Nice to see something built after five years of dereliction.

Derelict for well over a decade, the abandoned terraces opposite Walsall Wood School are in the process of demolition, to enable the construction of a new housing development. It’s been a long time coming, and although it’s sad to see old buildings go, they were in a terrible state.

I hope the builders have the sensitivity to preserve the name-plaque and incorporate it into the new development, as was done with the Ivy House, nearby.

March 3rd – I’d had a grim day. Most of the day the weather was beautiful, but I was stuck working and couldn’t get out to enjoy it, and I felt lousy, too. When I finally got free, at dusk, it was cold and the coming darkness uninspiring. I shot up Brownhills, then up to Walsall Wood, but the subject I though of didn’t make a good night picture. I had to pick some essentials up, so I skipped into the Tesco Express at Streets Corner in Walsall Wood. Open a couple of years now, it’s seen off the independent newsagent next door, and given other local shops a tough time. Tables could be turning, though, as a new Co-op is due to open opposite it and I’ll certainly use it in preference to these robber barons.

November 23rd – I haven’t been over Streets Corner for a few weeks. Returning that way this evening, I noticed the boards were down from around the new Co-op store that has been built on the former car sales lot on the lights. It’s looking good – a little odd at first, but it quickly grew on me. It’s a lot larger than I expected. I like the Co-op – and it’ll be nice for the Tesco Express over the road to have some competition. It’s good to see Walsall Wood getting something new for a change.

Wonder when it’ll be opening?

May 18th – Some things are changing, though. Up at Streets Corner, for example, work is well underway on the new Co-op store where Saturn Motor Sales had their yard. Although work has been ongoing for a while, signs have only just gone up, proclaiming the development to be complete by late 2012. This is great news for the Wood, and I look forward to having another store to compete with the Tesco Express over the road. However, with a new store up the road in Shelfield and branches opening all over the place, I do wonder if the Co-op  can maintain this period of aggressive expansion.

September 13th – Street’s Corner, in Walsall Wood, is a very busy junction. It took it’s name not from the streets that crossed, but from the Street family who lived here. This interesting, imposing and pleasant block of apartments was build around ten years ago on the site of Street’s Corner Bungalow and The Ivy House, a former off-licence. The name stone from the Ivy House was save and restored, and sits in the gable of the new block, much to the irritation of a good friend, who worries that the name ‘Street’s Corner’ will be lost and wanted it for the new building.

It’ll never be lost as long as I’m alive, mate.