April 22nd – The long Good Friday. 2nd 100 mile plus ride this year, a 114 mile spin up through Staffordshire, into the Dove Valley and up over the Weaver Hills to take some photos and video for top twitter guy @66usual (Steve Lightfoot), who’s interested in the area. Dropped down into the Manifold Valley, then up onto the Tissington Trail, back down the High Peak Trail to Brassington and home via Ashbourne, Hatton, Barton and Lichfield.

This image was taken from the back of the Weaver Hills, just north of Calton, overlooking the Manifold Valley. Few people here, only livestock and bird song to break the silence. And, of course, an old, sweaty cyclist singing tunelessly to the Stone Roses as he descends on one of the best downhill runs he knows.

A great day and a fantastic ride. Seem to be in good shape for early spring, and didn’t crap out once – although the climb out of Thorpe to the Tissington had me sweating a bit. 

Look out for a post and video here and on the main blog in the next day or so. This is a large panorama photo and you’ll need to click on it to get the full impression.

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