June 17th – One for A Lichfeldian, curator and amateur historical whizz behind Lichfield Lore. She’s intrigued by a curious bell on Leomansley Vicarage, Lichfield. I pointed out at the time that there was a spurious bell fitted to the former council house in Brownhills, used to scramble the local fire brigade in days before the adoption of the telephone. I kept meaning to photograph it for her, but sadly forgot until today. 

It’s a lot more grand than I remembered, and is now covered in netting to keep the pigeons out. I wonder how long it is since it was last sounded? Also in the picture is the wonderful town hall clock, the three-faced liar. Front face said a quarter to four. South face, pictured, said four o’clock. The time was actually ten to four. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that clock tell the correct time. It’s thoroughly symbolic of the town and it’s fortunes.

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