#365daysofbiking Unexpected discoveries

June 1st – I had been to the steam event at Klondyke Mill near Draycott-in-the-Clay as is usual the first weekend in June, and had left on a dull but warm late afternoon to have a pint and a rest at the Vernon Arms in Sudbury – which to my total consternation was closed, and had been for some time.

That pub – opposite Sudbury Hall and with a fantastic beer garden and architectural impression – should be a goldmine. I have no idea how it could fail.

Sad but undaunted, I headed for Rolleston on Dove via Scropton and Marston on Dove. Arriving at Rolleston, I found the beautiful Spread Eagle pub.

After a lovely drink on the benches by the river, watching ducklings potter around the and enjoying the comings and goings of this charming village, I rode south to Anslow.

On the way though, I by chance took a look to my right and noticed a high weir arrangement in woodland. For the first time ever, I’d noticed Brook Hollows Spinney, despite passing it by for 25 years or more.

I can’t find much online about it at all – it’s a high weir with a beautiful footbridge with a double arch; behind it there’s a pool and an island and all around, tucked in by the houses of the south of the village, wild garlic scented woodland.

It’s tranquil and nthoroughly gorgeous.

I must return when I have more time…

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