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#365daysofbiking This heart is attached

May 2nd – Chasewater, deserted and peaceful with no traffic noise is magical.

Apart from us, not a soul was around to witness the beauty. Just us, and several thousand waterfowl. I love this place so very much.

A beautiful, uplifting experience.

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2 Responses to “#365daysofbiking This heart is attached”

    • BrownhillsBob

      Hello Lynn

      Thanks – nothing is wrong, but I am incredibly busy with work, effectively doing a 3 person job single handedly.

      Coming up this week the missing folk are back (phew!) and I can take it easier and there will be much catching up. I’m still out every day on my bike, still taking photos and hopefully by the end of this week I should be starting to cover May.

      Thanks so much, we live in strange times and I never imagined I would be so busy as a result.

      Thanks, and stay safe,




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