#365daysofbiking Mad about the mouse

Thursday November 19th 2020 – I’d been to Telford early, but had to get back to Bilston for the afternoon, so I headed south from the station on Ring Road St. Davids and made my way into the subway system to emerge onto the Bilston Road.

In the paved sub-roadway level – always a bit shady and intimidating here – I noticed a neat but unsettling stencil by local artist Skore.

Mickey Mouse with a dagger, dripping with blood.

It’s a brilliant subversion of a sugary sweet Disney character, if a bit grim, but in the position it is it’s a rather dark comment on the location.

Skore has even succeeded in giving murderous Mickey a quite unpleasant facial expression.

It really made me stop and look. A brilliant bit of urban art in a very unexpected place.

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/35YACDX

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