#365daysofbiking A maintained tradition

Christmas Day, Friday December 25th 2020 – There’s normally a short ride on Christmas Day – maybe over to Shenstone, or Hints; more often than not it’s up to Castle Ring and that’s where I headed on a frosty, sharp Christmas lunchtime.

There were one or two people about. The roads were quiet. The message not to hold gatherings seemed largely to be heeded.

I love Castle Ring – it’s an ancient hill fort, and a Pagan place. Sadly, the views it has commanded for the last 20 years are now slipping away as the woodland planted below it gets taller. I suspect it will soon be coppiced again and visibility restored.

I know the derelict cooling towers at Rugeley are due to come down in January: Those coming up here to watch the spectacle may be disappointed – the station is barely visible from Castle Ring right now.

There was one tradition I could not maintain – that of having a swift Christmas lunchtime pint in a pub on the way back – all the pubs are shut.

Never mind, it’ll wait a year more. Merry Christmas, everyone!

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3hHKqXq

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