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#365daysofbiking Secret pathways

May 28th – I note the pathway on Clayhanger Common between the overflow by the bridge and the grassed area behind is nearly overgrown again.

Every season this delightful, overgrown desire path through the scrub very nearly disappears, but is kept in existence by whoever uses it regularly (and that appears to be sometimes, at least, deer.)

Right now it’s at the stage when any use involves breaking off bits of overgrowth. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

I love the almost secret garden feel of it.

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June 6th – One of the lovely, accidental features of Clayhanger Common is the well-worn pathway through the green thicket arch behind the Cala overflow at Clayhanger Bridge.

Every year it forms again – it’s like a portal to a green netherworld.

It always makes me smile when I see it.

June 14th – The desire-path created behind the canal overflow at Clayhanger continues to fascinate me, particularly in the way the arch has formed in the scrub. 

I don’t know who’s walking this way regularly enough to keep it so clear – it may even bee the deer who dwell on the common – but whoever it is has created a charming, odd little portal that could be to a fairy tail place, or just to Clayhanger…

Not much difference between the two, really…

April 20th – Further on, Clayhanger Common is greening over a treat: the bench by the canal overlooking the new pond is once more watching over a sea of verdant green, and the pear tree there is in blossom, too. 

Near the canal overflow, the foliage and creeper archway over the desire path onto the common there has delightfully regrown this year, and that makes me happy. It’s a lovely accidental feature of the common I don’t think anyone’s noticed much.

Spring, you’re so welcome…

October 7th – I’m fascinated by the way the scrub on Clayhanger Common has formed into a tunnel over the footpath behind the overflow at Clayhanger Bridge. This footpath is used enough to be fairly well worn, and the creepers, brambles and scrub have turned the track into a foliage arch which is quite charming and could, for all the world, be a portal to some kind of wonderful netherworld.