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#365daysofbiking Under the cloak of darkness

Tuesday, October 27th 2020 – Another cycleway, beautiful in the autumn night, but very treacherous as I found out, very nearly taking a spill on a corner.

This is the shortcut between the A51 near Beacon Park and Leomansley, a great way of cutting off the Friary island that pops you out further up the Walsall Road, giving a great route through the park when coming back from Lichfield.

The leaf mulch here was very wet and slippery, and despite taking care, my summer tyres still failed to grip as I skirted the anti-vehicle barrier.

Thankfully I held it and no harm done, but a timely reminder that there’s danger in the darkness.

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March 29th – I left Lichfield and the madness of the crowds as soon as I could, and took a leisurely line through Beacon Park, past the brook and the willows, currently in bud. From there, I took Cross in Hand Lane to Farewaell, then hopped over to Burntwood and back home via Chasewater. A great afternoon in sandals and shirtsleeves, and some great spring sights in the hedgerows and fields, crowned by a stark but beautiful sunset.

Spring really is here now, and this was the last night of darkness until the end of October, a spring, summer and autumn away. 

Opening out – I love it.

October 27th – A run out to Lichfield to pick up some shopping… oddly, the city held everything I wanted; more often than not these days, the place disappoints. What’s never a let-down is the scenery, although it’s riddled with photographic cliches. The Old Lady of the Vale has been photographed from every angle possible, as has much of Lichfield. I do love the view over the Garden of Remembrance, though. Beacon Park is looking nice, too, but I have to admit, for sheer autumnal beauty, Walsall Arboretum trumps it. 
After that admission, I expect the border guards to refuse me admission on my next trip…