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March 27th – And in Darlaston, near the Black Country Route, the hawthorn is coming into leaf, splattering formerly dull, barren hedgerows with bursts of vivid emerald green.

Spring really is trying her very hardest to please us.

April 11th – In the soft light of a windy but sunny afternoon, the canals are looking great; Here near Clayhanger Bridge the hedgerows and thickets are showing bright green and very, very fresh – but not just that, they’re as alive with songbirds as the waterway is with waterfowl.

Everywhere you look, the environment is teeming with life at the moment, either fresh new leaves, blossom or nesting birds. Such a joyous, beautiful time of year.

Just wish the wind would ease up a bit…

March 28th – And not far away, another sight to gladden the heart: nascent cherry blossom, just waiting for a sunny day to encourage the buds to expand into beautiful pink flowers.

It may not have been very springlike today, but signs of the season were all around.

The daylight is back, the trees are coming into leaf and yes, I’ve survived the darkness once more.

March 16th – Spotted by the roadside in Darlaston, even the cherry trees are now taking spring seriously. This one, just on the verge outside a factory, is ready to burst into leaf.

Still can’t budge from the idea that spring is early this year, but I’m not sure if it really is, or I’m just relieved.


April 28th – Also on the canal bank at Walsall Wood, anyone know what these are? Are they a bloom, or a bud? They look almost pre-historic. The leaves look a bit willow-ish. Never noticed this before.

Anyone, please?

April 3rd – the mist, poor air and lack of sun means something remarkable is happening unnoticed. In the last week, the trees, hedgerows and shrubs have mostly been bursting into leaf. The deciduous copse at the rear of the new pond in Clayhanger is alive with willow, oak, birch and elder, all sprouting a variety of foliage. At Catshill, the blackthorn blossom is gorgeous, and everywhere there are the vivd greens of fresh growth. 

If the sun would only shine, they’d positively glow.

May 1st – meanwhile, on the other side of the recreation centre playing fields, this sight to gladden the heart. New leaf growth, heralding another summer of green trees and warm days.

Bring it on. It’s been a long winter.

June 21st – It was another miserable day, but I had managed to avoid the worst of the rain. I thought I’d continue with my wildflower feature, and after yesterday’s thistles, it made me think which other flower buds were interesting. In Thorneyhurst Lane, near Lynn, I spotted this poppy bud. Poppies seem such fragile flowers, yet the buds seem almost prehistoric in nature. The hedgerow and verges here are peppered with these downy buds, and with other poppies in various stages of the flowering cycle. A beautiful flower.