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#365daysofbiking Cherry amore

March 26th – A full three weeks earlier than last year, the cherry blossom is coming out on the industrial estate where I work.

Returning from Telford at lunchtime, I noticed the pinky white flowers catching the sunlight. Then I looked around, and all the other ornamental cherries on the estate that I could see were flowering similarly.

Against the fine china blue sky it was a wonderful, uplifting sight.

This spring is early, but I’m not complaining about that at all! I just wish it would warm up a little now.

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July 27th – Scenes from a Black Country life. This is a sunny, summery and somewhat industrial Station Street in Darlaston. I passed this way on my way to work, and noted a tradition here that’s been going on for decades. Those men stood at the window are buying breakfast sandwiches from the Caparo Atlas canteen, which supplants its income by selling to anybody bold enough to stand on the upturned crate and stick their head in through the open window, and shout their requirements. The food is good, if the reputation is to be believed, and Darlaston working folk have been doing this for years, as far back as Wartime when this whole estate was part of GKN.

Bacon, egg, black pudding and shrooms, and a tea, thanks me love.