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July 26th – I’ve lost track of most of the local swan families in Walsall this year – there were a fair few and they’ve all been quite mobile and most have suffered attrition from predators, so I’m not sure which family I’m seeing where now.

These hungry characters were feeding near the old copper works, just west of the motorway flyover at James Bridge, on the Walsall – Darlaston border.

They look healthy and well, but I’ve no idea if this is the family that hatched just a little way up the canal from here or another family.

Never mind, it’s all good…

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November 8th – The family bonds between the members of the various swan broods hatched this summer seem to be breaking, slowly. I see more and more cygnets out on their own now, or small groups.

This is clearly good, and natural, but it does make me a little sad that I’ll not see anymore neat lines of swans proceeding about the local canals until we get more families next year.

This pair – I don’t think they’re from the Catshill brood, as they were unringed – were loafing and preening at Catshill junction and didn’t seem to mind my presence too much, just occasionally growling and hissing at me.

They really are fine, healthy birds. I’m fascinated in the attention they pay to their undercarriage: the positions they get into while maintaining their feathers are incredible.