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#365daysofbiking Overdrawn at the Banksy

Friday January 29th 2021 – Brownhills has had a bit of a fad in recent years for stencil graffiti art by – it must be said – out of town artists, the most prolific of which seems to be North Birmingham street artist Itchers.

In total we have They See Me Rollin, in Brickiln Street, Flower Man on the side of Archers Florist, Winnie the Pooh on the wall of the Church Road Car Park, and now, this. This isn’t an Itchers, I don’t think.

This lad chasing the like balloon appeared on the wall of the former Forward Garage some weeks ago, and is a competent enough artwork.

It’s just a straight lift of Banksy, though, and whilst nicely and confidently executed, it would be a pleasant change to see some non-stencil street art.

Just for a change.

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#365daysofbiking Letting the light back in

March 31st – Well, here in the UK is the start of British Summer Time, for me the real start of spring.

I hate the clocks going back in autumn and the self-imposed hour advance in darkness. It’s a silly, pointless habit we started decades hence and have never had the balls to stop.

As I crossed the M6 Toll motorway near Hammerwich at well past 7pm, the sun was setting dramatically behind the forest of streetlights and made a movie scene of the traffic upon it.

I’m so pleased to have the light back in my life.

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