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#365daysofbiking Gimme shelter

March 11th – Going to work via a call in Aldridge on a wet day, I sheltered under Northywood Bridge near Stubbers Green.

It gave me an opportunity to study the boats in the yard nearby.

I noted the one closest to me – a handsome, large craft – was loaded with junk. Perhaps someone was clearing it out.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the halloween pumpkin was to ward off evil spirits deliberately, or was just where it happened to land…

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#365daysofbiking Pumpkin it up

October 31st – Nice to see so many little groups of kids and adults out trick or treating this Halloween. I’m not entirely in love with the US import, but it does seem popular and anything that gets kids out and about is fine by me.

Sadly this year not so many houses seemed to be decorated for the newly-rejuvenated festival.

There were, however, some great examples like this decorated house at Cartersfield Lane near Stonnall.

It really was lovely in the dark…

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#365daysofbiking Bitter gourds:

November 7th – One of the odder recurring themes of this blog over the years has been the errant, discarded pumpkin. Whether is’s apparently forgotten in inner city Acocks Green,  cruelly cast aside on a country lane or just randomly left on a canal bank, I see more of these forlorn gourds abandoned than any other.

These otherwise untouched, whole specimens – that would have made a decent meal for several people (and it looks like a fox already had tried and got bored with one) were inexplicably lying around in Victoria Park, Darlaston.

#365daysofbiking A treat:

October 31st – Happy Halloween!

In The Butts, Walsall, a house decorated for the occasion. The more you look, the more you see. I particularly like the cat pumpkin.

I’m generally indifferent to this particular festivity, but this snatched shot on the way home captured the warmth beautifully.

October 28th – There was another trip out though – with only moderate success. I wanted to photograph the Chasewater Railway halloween ghost train at Chasewater Heaths – this event for kids takes place every year and is great fun, and very challenging to photograph. This was the only usable picture, but it turned out well, I think.

This halloween spectacular – they turn the lights out, actors dress as ghouls and ghosts, and ghost tales are told on the train – is really popular and always fully booked.

Trying to capture the essence of it, like the event itself – is a bit of a tradition now.

October 26th – A snatched picture from a darkness errand to Stonnall on my way home – what smashing halloween pumpkins!

Sadly, one seems to have been split by the heat from the nightlight inside, but they were clearly well made – the large one is particularly excellent.

I’m not huge on halloween, to be honest, but I do love the inventiveness of it, particularly the carved gourds.

I spotted these near Sandhills and they genuinely made me smile!

November 1st – My gosh, November already? Where has the year gone?

Continuing a recurring yearly theme of discarded pumpkins I noted this sad, post-Halloween sight as I passed through King’s Hill mid day: a beautifully carved, huge pumpkin left out for rubbish by the Black Horse pub.

Someone worked hard on that, it’s very well done. Big pumpkin, too.

Bet that made a lot of soup…

October 30th – In Wall, I noticed these pumpkins for Halloween which cheered me up no end on a dull afternoon ride.

I love to see carved pumpkins – or swedes, like we did when I was a kid as we never saw anything as exotic as a pumpkin – and these brought a splash of colour to the quiet village.

Nice to see kids doing something creative. I hope they had pumpkin soup with the contents!

October 29th – Passing through Chasewater to Morrisons on an errand of mercy just after darkness fell, I passed the Chasewater Railway’s Halloween Ghost Train at Chasewater Heaths station. 

The train, full of families and excited kids, was in darkness and I bet it was great fun onboard. I’m always a bit sceptical of ‘scary’ events, but this looked very atmospheric, and a great idea – Chasewater is, after all, one of the darkest places around here at night.

The pumpkin was a nice touch too.