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#365daysofbiking A prickly customer

May 14th – One of the animals that wakes up at twilight is the humble and much-loved hedgehog.

Now in sharp decline due to traffic and destruction of habitat, it was good to find this busy character searching the grass on Clayhanger Common for worms and other tasty morsels.

Large and healthy, I hope the reduction in traffic from lockdown will give this unassuming but essential creature a bit of a much needed break.

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#365daysofbiking Hog wild

June 18th – I’d been alerted by the works security system in the night to movement in the yard on CCTV. When I checked it out, two large hedgehogs were courting in the back near the grass where we have a park bench and some grass for time out and the smokers. I watched them with interest as I didn’t know we had hogs at work.

Coincidentally, at work later the groundsmen came to trim the scrub back behind the premises and disturbed this young hoglet, clearly not one of the lovers from the night before.

Cat treats were sought, and the little prickly one ate a large hearty meal before retreating back to the quiet end of the scrub.

Nice to see them about considering the way the population of these charming creatures is suffering of recent years.

Drivers and workers now have signs and instructions to watch for hogs crossing!

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June 16th – Always nice to meet a hog going about it’s business and this lovely one was near the Fullelove Memorial Shelter at the foot of Brownhills Parade. 

Healthy and very large, it was far too busy to pass the time of day  and scuffled off into the night and away from my attention.


July 28th – A terrible, quickly snatched photo on my way home just before midnight, but I met this charming soul in the dark feasting on slugs and snails active in the rain. Attracted by an unusual noise, I was surprised to find two adult hedgehogs seemingly arguing over a particularly densely slug infested stretch of roadside verge.

The larger of the two legged it when it saw me, and once again I was reminded of just how fast these odd creatures can move, but this one hung around for a quick picture.

What a handsome set of spines it has! Great to see not one but two of these sadly rare pest control experts…

June 3rd – Not spotted whilst cycling, but surely this fine hog, visiting my garden late at night is worth sharing?

Hedgehogs are in such decline, it’s wonderful to see such a large, healthy and busy one in the garden.

September 20th – I was worried for this spiny chap I spotted in Festival Gardens, Lichfield when I rode past on my way to the canal festival at Huddlesford.

He was active, and only froze when I approached, so I think he was OK. He seemed large and generally in good health, so I assumed he’d been disturbed. I checked for him only return a couple of hours later, and he’d gone.

First I’ve seen for a long while. Bless the poor hedgehogs, they are having a hard time in recent years.