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#365daysofbiking Kidney at stake:

June 7th – Kidney vetch is an odd little wildflower, which consists of tiny yellow flowers cluster around a fluffy, downy head. I always imagine it’s a plant of late summer for some reason, and it’s appearance in midsummer always surprises me.

It grows profusely on the grass around the top of the new pond embankment at Clayhanger, one of the few places I know it exist, yet every year, like the orchids, it’s cut down by Canal and River Trust’s mowing team who insist on obliterating anything in their path.

I preferred canals when they were more unkempt, if I’m honest.

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July 4th – Kidney vetch is a local oddity. I only know of it growing in two spots hereabouts – on the bank above the new pond at Clayhanger, and alongside the cycleway running along the old rail line through the Goscote Valley. These two places are entirely consistent with the usual habitat of the plant: cuffs, slopes and sandy soils. 

It’s a fascinating flower, little yellow buds seemingly on little fluffy white balls of cotton-like fibre.

A real curiosity that’s worth looking out for.