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August 24th – I’m not sure this cottage has a name. Standing on the junction of Footherley Lane, Gravelly Lane and Mill Lane in Lower Stonnall, it’s a handsome, four-square but fairly low Staffordshire cottage. I love everything about it; it’s standing at the junction, the ivy, the imposing doorway and oblique angle. I suspect it to be quite old, and the gardens are often full of beautiful flowers. This home is a lovely landmark on my way home, and even in the dark, it’s lights welcome me on my return from a long ride.

March 31st – Just off Gravelly Lane in Stonnall, an unnamed track runs behind Stonnallhouse Farm to Lower Stonnall. In this lovely, bucolic spot, some scumbag has dumped a couple of of sofas and some unwanted building materials, right beside an anti-flytipping sign. Did you pay some nomark to get rid of your trash? Man with a van a little to cheap and handy? Or did some member of your family not bother with the niceties of the tip?

Whoever it was, they’re scum. I hope their balls drop off.

June 15th – It’s the time of year that the poppies bloom, often as pictured here, in fields of oilseed rape. The beautiful red makes for a dramatic contrast with the background yellow-green substrate. This field, at Lower Stonnall, is rather gorgeous.

The image of the hedge-line also demonstrates the importance of hedgerows in combating soil erosion. The old guys who planted those knew exactly what they were doing.