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#365daysofbiking These lanes were mine

April 19th – The ride took me down Hobs Hole in Aldridge, over Wood Lane and Lower Stonnall, and around by Stonnall Church. It was a beautiful afternoon, and nature did it’s best to entertain me and lift my mood, which wasn’t all that great with an attack of IBS.

Nature succeeded. And there was barely a soul around.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I hate the lockdown, although I understand how necessary it is. But I’m loving these quiet lanes.

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March 31st – Just off Gravelly Lane in Stonnall, an unnamed track runs behind Stonnallhouse Farm to Lower Stonnall. In this lovely, bucolic spot, some scumbag has dumped a couple of of sofas and some unwanted building materials, right beside an anti-flytipping sign. Did you pay some nomark to get rid of your trash? Man with a van a little to cheap and handy? Or did some member of your family not bother with the niceties of the tip?

Whoever it was, they’re scum. I hope their balls drop off.

November 2nd – At the far end of the day, it was wet, dark and challenging on the way back. Just having fitted new brake pads, the back end is a little jumpy on the commuting bike, and the greasy, drizzly roads made for an interesting trip home. Approaching the junction of Gravelly Lane and Mill Lane at Lower Stonnall, the lights of the house on the junction looked homely and inviting, and I liked the way they glistened off the wet tarmac. In case you’re wondering, the orange glow is light pollution from the street lamps of Birmingham and the Black Country – because there’s so little natural light tonight it was clearly visible.

July 19th – These two lady cyclists also bid me a pleasant greeting as they passed me whilst I was taking a photo of this handsome, ivy-draped cottage on the junction of Footherley Lane and Gravelly Lane, Lower Stonnall. I’ve always loved this house. I like the way it oversees the junction, and how beautiful it looks after dark, the light from it’s windows like a beacon on many a winters night. Quite what the cyclists thought I was up to, I have no idea.