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#365daysifbiking I mist again

February 14th – An early morning train commute to Telford was gorgeous on a beautiful, late winter morning. It was cold with a lingering frost, but the low, clinging mist rendered everything it touched precious when the sun caught it.

From Grove Hill and Stonnall to Mill Green and Little Aston, this morning was a joy to be on a bike. I wouldn’t have missed this for the world – my only regret was that I couldn’t enjoy it for longer.

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#365daysifbiking Receding gently

February 3rd – There was still ice on the canals and the fringes of Chasewater, of course. In the gentle wind that formed the usual waves here, the edge of the ice was a battleground between frozen water and the gently dynamic open lake.  The fight was continual, and made a lovely, gentle tinkling sound continually.

It Wass so gentle and slight you really had to strain to hear it, but it’s a gorgeous, magic sound.

Shame is was too quiet to record it…

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#365daysifbiking Relentless

February 3rd – After a very cold night, a lovely, sunny and almost warm spring day was welcome. Around midday, with the sun on my cheeks it could almost have been March, not February.

In the cemetery opposite St Annes Church in Chasetown, the serious business of advancing the season is pushing forward undaunted by a bit of ice and snow. The annual riot of crocuses is just kicking off, and was beautiful, but the primroses in the churchyard itself were weather lovely too.

Just what I needed after this thankfully brief cold snap.

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#365daysofbiking Rolling downhill:

December 12th – On such a great day it would be bad form to to also list Kings Hill Park – not a mile away from Victoria Park. I’d come back from B&Q and rode over the top off the hill in the park, which is always exhilarating, and the stop for tea and contemplation on the memorial bench always welcome.

Gently rolling downhill, sending squirrels scampering away is always a delight here. The view towards the road always gives the feeling of being in a secret garden.

Darlaston’s parks are beautiful, lovely places. Yet what guide book tells of this? It’s a crying shame they are not better known.

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#365daysofbiking Into the mystic:

December 12th – Out and about on errands during the (very bitter) day, although it was bitingly cold, there was occasional weak sun, and like yesterday, there was a part mist, part smog hanging over the Black Country making things magical again.

At Victoria Park in Darlaston, the mystic bridge was looking gorgeous and it felt good to be out.

Perhaps the cold means there might be snow before Christmas? I do hope so…

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#365daysofbiking Mist opportunity:

November 17th – A spin up to Chasewater after some mechanical jobs on the bike didn’t quite reward me the way I’d hoped: There was a mist settling and I was hoping for either an inversion or a gorgeous sunset – but neither occurred, just a hazy, soft dying of the light. 

Even a ride up the former pit mound to take in the view was uninspiring, sadly.

I made my return through CHasetown, and as always, the high street is brilliant at night. Even when there are few people around, it looks busy. I’ll never work that out.

Nice to see also that at Chasewater, the water levels are slowly recovering.

#365daysofbiking Inconceivable:

October 23rd – Darlaston on a sunny day. Heart of the north Black Country, architecture, memory, history and nature.

How could you not adore this place?

It feels like my second home.

As I gradually reboot from feeling lost, places like this help me feel it’s worth the while again.

#365daysofbiking Some velvet morning:

October 10th – Seasons and situations have a habit of redeeming themselves. This chilly, but sunlit and misty dawn in Mill Green, on the the way to the station, I fell in love with autumn all over again.

Ever year I’m furious with it for stealing my summer, then it goes and does something beautiful to win me over.

I’m so glad I was around to see this.

#365daysofbiking I dream in colour:

October 9th – In Telford for the morning, I had business up on Stafford Park and the hedgerows and trees along the cycleway were absolutely gorgeous.

The blue sky merged with the reds, golds, yellows and the still green and made a beautiful multicolour palette as I cycled past on a lovely warm, sunny autumn morning,

Autumn’s pretty fine once you stop struggling and accept it.

#365daysofbiking Bugging me:

September 26th – The unexpectedly fine, warm weather has been bringing out some great examples of bugs looking for a last yahoo or somewhere to hibernate until spring. 

On my way to work, this lovely shield bug decided to drop in and say hi.

What a great little creature it is!