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#365daysofbiking Blue wonder

March 13th – A very windy, unpleasant day, but I had to pop to Tipton.

On the way, in Wednesbury’s Brunswick Park, I spotted this patch of grape hyacinths, tiny blue flowers that are one of my favourites in spring. Their composition – of multiple, tiny bell-like flowers is fascinating and one of the joys of the season.

I note also now that the crocuses are finished, a real sign of they year’s progression. Christmas now seems an age ago…

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#365daysofbiking Warm rain and what lies beneath:

September 22nd – Thanks to a reminder from the most excellent Stymaster, I got to attend the Tipton Canal and Community Festival, all be it on a really wet, rainy dray. The weather notwithstanding, I had an excellent time, as can be seen on my main blog here.

Having ridden to Tipton from home in the rain, I decided to carry on down the canal into Birmingham following the old mainline into Birmingham.

This time of year, the Galton Cutting is gorgeous, and it’ll be even better when the leaves really start to turn.

The huge maze of scaffold under the M5 viaduct at Oldbury is hugely impressive from underneath, too. I wonder how many delayed, queueing motorists above know the complexity of what lies underneath them?

June 8th – A lovely evening after a grey, dull day so I fell out of work and hit the canals into Birmingham, then over Sandwell Valley Park to Smethwick, then back through the City Centre, a curry in Aston and home.

The summer really is excellent this year, I must say, and in the unexpectedly golden evening, the canals, city and park glowed beautifully and were beautiful and vibrant. 

I don’t think I’d rather live anywhere else as long as all this is just a short ride away.

September 5th – I was lucky in the morning, my early commute just clipped the edge of the forecast rain, and I didn’t get wet, but when I nipped out mid day on an errant to Wednesbury, I was caught in a downpour.

The flowers in Brunswick Park seemed to enjoy it though. I most do more on Brunswick, it’s another beautiful urban oasis that’s often unappreciated.

Can we have summer back, please? Thanks.

September 8th – It’s nice to see the fungi coming through now – I love this feature of autumn. Many folk don’t realise, but toadstools, balls and polypores are just the bloom of much larger organisms living out of sight. They really are unlike anything else in nature.

This roll-rim was growing on a grass verge in Wednesbury and was about eight inches in diameter. They start flat and become funnel-shaped as they age: it was a misty, wet morning and this one was gathering condensation well.

June 12th – Just found this from a few weeks ago. 

Riding out of the Galton Valley canal cutting in one go up on to Galton Bridge. Real time, no stopping. 

For a tubby old bloke, I still have me moments. 

Music ‘Forest Dance’ by Jethro Tull.