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#365daysofbiking Under the bridge

February 6th -The lighter evenings, although coming on fast now, have not reached the far end of my commute, and I tend to do the canal less in the dark, as riding the towpaths at night – even with my excellent front light – is a constant mental grind.

Approaching Clayhanger Bridge on my way back to Brownhills, I stopped to check a text, and realised how bright my light was, to catch Clayhanger Bridge like that.

It’s still a constant effort not to end up taking an early bath, though…

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#365daysofbiking Leave a light on for me


December 22nd – Homecoming, late, and a ride around Brownhills before bed.

Finally, due to hard work by members of the local committee, the Christmas lights on the miner island, as well as those on Morris himself have been fixed, so just in time for the festive season, my favourite icon of home is bright and proud ant night once more.

A great thing to come home to. Thanks to all involved.

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#365daysofbiking Christmas cracker

December 21st – I came from work, then needed to head to Lichfield with a companion for some urgent Christmas shopping. Lichfield at 5pm on this Friday evening was quiet, peaceful and very atmospheric. Almost Dickensian, in fact.

The only troubling thing was those creepy Nutcracker figures dotted about town. I find their style unsettling and always have; I know they’re a traditional German thing but to me, they really are the stuff of nightmares.

Amplified to life-size and they are really quite unpleasant in my opinion.

Lovely photographic subjects, though…

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#365daysofbiking Getting there

December 17th – The weather is still awful but finally finished the work paperwork, which always means that Christmas is beginning for me.

Just the medical stuff to go and a couple of days at work, and that’s it.

Leaving work late, I noticed the Christmas tree in reception glowing in the dark, and it made me feel happy…

Merry Christmas everyone!

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#365daysofbiking Light work:

December 10th – Christmas means it’s time for the annual Christmas light inadequacy moaning game.

They’re never enough. Not Christmassy enough. Where’s the tree? and other festive traditions.

In reality, we haven’t had a tree in Brownhills for years, and actually, I think this year’s lights – which appear to be new – look pretty nice.

I think it’s coming on Christmas, folks.

#365daysofbiking First Christmas:

December 8th – Busy with stuff for work, and moving this journal to a better, more secure host; but on a quick spin around a darkened town I noticed many of the residents of the new houses alone Silver Street and The Moorings now had Christmas lights up.

It must be a great feeling to light up your new home for the first Christmas there. 

I welcome you all to Brownhills. Merry Christmas!

#365daysofbiking Canal dreams:

December 7th –  After a long day at work carrying out boring tasks, I left collecting a pal on the way. We popped in passing to Walsall’s Town Wharf, as the Arboretum I was aiming for actually had an event ongoing.

Town Wharf and the waterside here are gorgeous at night. Finally reaching potential after near enough two decades, this place has taken a long, long time for regeneration to happen, but it looks wonderful in the shadow of Walsall’s remarkable New Art Gallery.

Sadly, the state of retail being what it is, the centre of Walsall only 100 or so yards away, remains depressed.

But here at leat, developer dreams seem to be coming to fruition.

#365daysofbiking Way over the top:

December 5th – A bit further towards home, the lavishly ostentatious nature of Shelfield’s (presumably civic) Christmas lights amazes and delights, as ever.

I have no idea who or why someone chucks a short string of colour-change lights over one single tree on the Four Crosses Road open space every year. It’s one tree in maybe 10. Seemingly random, this minimal festivity always amuses me.

Merry Christmas – but don’t get too excited, kids!