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#365daysofbiking Harbour lights

Wednesday December 9th 2020 – The houses that replaced the marketplace and wasteland at Silver Court Gardens have been a welcome addition – and the Moorings, the road alongside the canal where the new house front the waterside – is really nice.

There seems a real community spirit there and no matter what the festival – VE Day, halloween, Christmas – the neighbours really get together to jazz up their houses and bring some happiness to the town.

As I passed on a wet night, I thought what a lovely little community it was, and what a great asset to the town the development had become.

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#365daysofbiking Just resting

Sunday, October 18th 2020 – A rest day, with just a small loop around town in the evening to keep my legs moving.

It was dry and quiet when I rode up to Catshill Junction and back down the High Street. Not a soul around in the blessed, blanketing dark.

I love to see the town like this. It has such a curious character at night, when you feel like you’re the only person to witness it.

Long rides are wonderful, but sometimes the short ones are pretty fine, too.

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#365daysofbiking – Urbane

April 29th – Also nice to see the return of cats to my world. Largely absent in winter, these indolent, sleepy, warmth loving characters don’t bother so much in winter, but come spring and a young feline’s fancy turns to… Well, lounging in the long grass, hunting things and generally monitoring the human activity of their neighbourhoods.

This urbane and smart black and white puss was on the far bank behind Humphries House and was quite interested in my activities.

Looks like a lovely puss! Someone loves that one very much.

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365daysofbiking Lying low

December 28th – People have asked me where the long rides out are this Christmas. There’s an answer to that – the weather isn’t great, just warm and grey, and I’m doing something I’ve needed for a while – getting some rest.

So, limited to errands, local trips have been the order of the day. This evening was a simple spin around Brownhills, as somnambulant and lovely in the cloak of darkness as ever.

I’ve resisted taking time to rest for years. That has clearly been a mistake…

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#365daysofbiking First Christmas:

December 8th – Busy with stuff for work, and moving this journal to a better, more secure host; but on a quick spin around a darkened town I noticed many of the residents of the new houses alone Silver Street and The Moorings now had Christmas lights up.

It must be a great feeling to light up your new home for the first Christmas there. 

I welcome you all to Brownhills. Merry Christmas!