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#365daysofbiking – Urbane

April 29th – Also nice to see the return of cats to my world. Largely absent in winter, these indolent, sleepy, warmth loving characters don’t bother so much in winter, but come spring and a young feline’s fancy turns to… Well, lounging in the long grass, hunting things and generally monitoring the human activity of their neighbourhoods.

This urbane and smart black and white puss was on the far bank behind Humphries House and was quite interested in my activities.

Looks like a lovely puss! Someone loves that one very much.

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May 9th – Spotted whilst riding to work in Shelfield, this lithe, glossy character who seemed very keen to keep a low profile.

Maybe a bit sensitive about the ostentatious collar, who knows?

A lovely puss going about it’s business is always a pleasure to see…

April 30th – I returned the same way, but the deer had moved on. This wee fellow though, was busy watching the ducks on the canal at the back of Barrow Close in Walsall Wood. I’m pretty much convinced it’s the same cat I spotted recently sheltering in the lee of a plant pot in the same area. He’s a fine lad with great whiskers and a collar with a bell – so clearly a bit of a hunter. But I think he was a bit ambitious with the mallards, to be honest…