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#365daysofbiking Long live the King!

April 15th – At the end of February, I was sure I would never see this fine gentleman again, for it seemed the flat where Sam, the elderly, toothless and thoroughly grumpy Kings Hill Park cat lived had been vacated.

I was heartbroken, and wished him well in this post.

I needn’t have worried. I spotted the old grump a couple of weeks ago in the bay window of the flat BELOW the one being refurbished, snoozing as one would expect. I obviously couldn’t take a picture, but was so relieved this venerable old lad was not gone – after all, his sleeping habits last summer entertained me on many a day and I’d become, well, somewhat attached to him.

I finally found him today in the roadside garden of the flats complex where he lives. He’s thinner, but his coat has a beautiful gloss and his wonky eyes were bright and keen. His whiskers were immaculate and Sam clearly is reclaiming his place as monarch of the Kings Hill summer.

I think he might have remembered me, or perhaps not. But I’m glad though that this old cat can sleep, hopefully undisturbed – through another warm, peaceful summer dreaming of his kittenhood and youthful exploits.

A fine lad whose return I am very glad to see.

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#365daysofbiking Neighbourhood watch

April 13th – Near Catshill on the way back, I was being watched. It took me a while to spot my observer, but puss ambled along the bank and mewed at me softly.

There’s been a marked increase in recent days of cats out and about, taking the air. It’s  sure sign summer is coming when these generally quiet, studious and indolent urban flaneurs appear on the patch.

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#365daysofbiking Nearing home

March 8th – By the time I got to Brownhills, it was late and dark. I didn’t mind though – the rain had stopped and I wasn’t far from a hot shower, fish and chips and a big mug of tea.

The keen wind was drying things out an on the lonely but familiar Black Path, I reflected on what a hard week it had been , and how glad I was that it was over.

Some weeks you’re glad just to survive to see the end of them.

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#365daysofbiking Rime and reason

January 22nd – This winter has been so mild that I’ve not got used the cold yet, and neither have I yet regained my confidence in my winter tyres.

A morning journey to Telford was chilly and felt precarious, with lots of black ice. I stayed upright, though, and honed my skills for another season – but I must say, I felt sorry for the blackbird on the cycleway at Telford looking for scraps of food. He clearly didn’t want to move!

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#365daysofbiking Loafing

January 6th – One thing this journal is known for is the pictures of cats I meet in my daily life.

Sadly, my cat radar has been off this winter. I’ve hardly seen any – despite the warm weather, Felis Catus has apparently been at home, napping. Which you can understand, really.

Sunday though, was positively tropical and in a short run up the canal to Chasewater I spotted these three fine specimens. The pair apparently having a union meeting were on the canal bank by Deakin Avenue, and the gorgeous, grumpy looking raccoon cat was near Newtown Bridge. Great face markings.

Nice to spot some cats again.

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August 10th – Unsurprisingly, there was no sign of the King of Kings Hill when it was raining mid day.

However, when the sun was out, as I was coming home, normal ruling duties had been resumed, and the serious pursuit of nap time continued.

August 6th – He’s been keeping a low profile this last couple of weeks, the King of Kings Hill. But today, I spotted him. Asleep in a shady under-hedge, he was dozing in his usual bit of garden and resolutely ignoring the world around him.

As is usually the case.

He’s so old is Sam the cat that I’m surprised at his re-emergence every new spring, and seeing this elderly, toothless but otherwise very well presented lad having a really good summer makes me happy every time I see him.

What more could an old fellow want than to pass his days napping, dreaming of kittenhood and being soothed by the warm sun and noises of the neighbourhood he rules around hm?

Long may he reign. Sweet dreams, Sam old lad. Sweet dreams.

July 19th – Spotted by the canal near Clayhanger, on a ragwort plant – their favourite food – a yellow and black striped cinnabar moth caterpillar, which seem to be having a good year this year.

These stripes fellows turn into beautiful black and red moths later in the season and are fascinating.

A nice find on a hot day.

July 11th – I haven’t seen much of Old Sam, the King of kings Hill lately. He had taken to sleeping on the grass in in the gardens around the old folks flats where he lives, but the gardeners came one day with their mowers and blowers and I only saw him a couple of times after that.

I needn’t have worried. He’s found a shadier spot, just out of my normal sight for the really hot days.

I notice someone had given him a bowl of water, and he was concentrating on washing, and despite my calls and invitations for strokes he studiously ignored me and got on with the important business of fur maintenance.

I adore this crotchety old lad.

June 14th – The King Of Kings Hill is still napping outdoors even though the sun’s gone in. Old Sam continues to enjoy this most temperate of seasons.

But interesting to see the effect the cooler day has on his sleeping position, in a ball, on top of the retaining wall, pointedly and resolutely with his back to the passing world.

Sorry, but I’m a little bit in love with this old chap.