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#365daysofbiking Certainly not mad, well, maybe not

Monday March 29th 2021 – When I said here the other day that I’d been riding home all the way from Telford I had a message telling me I must be mad. I strongly disagree. I’m getting more bike/open air time, my mental health is improving daily as is my physical heath. This lockdown porkbarrel will not be in a hurry to depart at my decrepit age, I can tell you. It needs this kind of help.

It isn’t that far. I wouldn’t do it in bad weather, or if very tired. There’s always the rail alternative. and there’s the sights one sees: Like today. Riding near Brewood, the plethora of pheasants were tricky from a safety point of view (they have no road sense) but they are such handsome birds and their antics can be hilarious.

But I had most time for the tiny black puss I met on the edge of a stable yard at Coven: In beautiful condition with the kind of piercing green eyes that make you feel guilty for the sins of your elders. Puss sat her ground (sure she was female) and stared me out resolutely. She was gorgeous.

I got home feeling happier, more relaxed and better physically than I’ve felt for weeks. And only 20 minutes later than had I gone by train, and 30 minutes later than driving.

That’s all win while the weather is so nice.

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#365daysofbiking New ways out

May 27h – Recovered from the punishing excesses of Saturday’s ride, I headed out again on a grey bank holiday lunchtime for a gentle bimble once more to the west.

Finding decent routes past the dreadful Cannock/Great Wyrley/Churchbridge morass is always the challenge heading out that way and today, I took the canal to Brewood, through Wolverhampton – a lovely run of waterway I often forget about. The towpaths were good, and the only downside was an. encounter with a particularly unpleasant boater at Wolverhampton.

Leaving the canal at Brewood, I rediscovered this gorgeous village and vowed to return when the shops were open. The sun periodically came out and accompanied me north through Whiston, Bradley, Copenhall and Weeping Cross.

A ritual visit to the Wimpy at Milford reloaded the fuel tanks and kept me warm in the steady rain that fell on my way home.

All in all a nice 58 mile ride in lovely countryside.

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#365daysofbiking Major artery

May 12th – Another long ride out exploring west towards Coven, Brewood and Lapley, on a bad, but not awful stomach was hard work, but I’d decided to revisit Lower Avenue, site of the astounding bridge of the major canal artery, the Shropshire Union Canal.

I wasn’t disappointed and it was worth the effort.

The bridge – built for access to Chillington Hall was originally part of a long, well maintained avenue of trees now split into upper and lower; lower is publicly accessible and now woodland with this stunning centrepiece, giving an air of genteel decline.

I dropped down on to the canal below and rode to Lapley, crossing the Telford-constructed Stretton Aqueduct. The view of this beautiful, limpid green waterway were wonderful, soothing and very enjoyable.

At this time of year, Staffordshire is at it’s finest. Get out there if you can.

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March 23 – I had a meeting in Telford in the morning, and then the day was my own. Leaving at 1pm, I cycled home from Telford through the Shropshire countryside after a fine lunch at a favourite cafe in Shifnal. It was warm, with a glorious, hazy sun, the edge only being taken away by a keen headwind from the east. At Tong, I found a fascinating, challenging green lane with a history of it’s own. Fed up of the mad traffic and abrasive breeze, at Brewood I hopped on the canal and headed home on it via Oxley and Wolverhampton, winding my way along the curly Wyrley through Wednesfield and Bloxwich. A great afternoon, and hopefully one of many this year.

April 20th – A trip down the woodland path over the Shropshire Union Canal, just near to Brewood. A great spot to walk or ride, it’s well worth a visit. Brewood has some great cafes and pubs, and Chillington Hall is nearby, with loads of great history.

Apil 20th – continuing my ride home, I took a spin down Lower Avenue, near Brewood. This overgrown wooded approach to Chillington Hall is charming and secluded. Where it crosses the Shropshire Union Canal, it does so by means of a gorgeous bridge. I first came hear 27 years ago, and the ride has lost none of it’s charm in that time.

April 20th – Early meeting in Telford, left work about 12:30pm. Nice day so I decided to cycle home… 35 mile journey taking in Shifnal, Bishops Wood, Brewood, Four Ashes and Great Wyrley. I stopped for lunch at Shifnal at an excellent cafe, and watched the sunny world go by.