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#365daysofbiking All for the best

Wednesday March 3rd 2021 – Returning from work again in the middle evening, it was a much clearer night as I crossed the Pier Street pedestrian bridge back into Brownhills, a traditional homecoming when the canal towpaths are not too wet.

Thankfully, they seem to be drying out a little, at last.

I love the look of the new housing along the canalside here at night. This used to be such an empty, desolate area, especially in the dark. It looks so much more alive and inhabited now, almost cosy in the streetlight.

Definitely change for the better.

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#365daysofbiking Becalmed

Sunday, October 4th 2020 – It’s been a horrid few days: Autumn has really swept in now with high winds and near constant rain that thankfully, petered out in the afternoon and allowed me to get some tasks sorted.

Dashing about still at dusk after popping to friends, I crossed the Silver Street bridge in Brownhills, another night-time favourite for the lights on the canal.

It was peaceful, but still damp and with a heavy week to come, I wasn’t feeling too positive. But the weather does seem to be improving a little and all things must pass.

In the solitude of the Peter-Savilleesque bridge, I felt instantly calmer and just a little more at peace with myself than I had for days.

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#365daysofbiking Different light

May 11th – A busy day elsewhere, and a late ride out saw me cross the Pier Street Bridge in Brownhills at dusk.

This time next week it’ll be busy with boats for the all-weekend Brownhills Canal Festival, but right now it was quiet and peaceful, which only the gentle chatter of waterfowl breaking the silence.

No matter what time of day you come here, there’s always a defferent light to make it uniquely lovely.

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#365daysofbiking On the up

March 10th – Despite the generally rather dry winter, Chasewater continues to fill after the rain of the last few weeks,  and the slow rise is evident at the Nine-Foot pool.

Elsewhere on the lake, there were no watersports and next to nobody around, and the fierce, indefatigable wind kept all by the hardy away. But for all that the light was beautiful and the air at least made me feel a bit better.

I look forward to calmer, warmer weather.

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#365daysofbiking Bridge to my heart

January 14th – And on my return that evening, it was similarly cold but still.

The ‘new’ Silver Street pedestrian bridge fascinates me. I love the shapes in the framework, the views it offers and even the sound it makes as you walk and ride over it.

Although it’s. 11 years old now, I never tire of photographing it at night.

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August 18th – Up at Chasewater, watching the wakeboarder practice is always a great way to spend some time, and also a good test of photography skills.

This chap was trying out some pretty acrobatic stuff and was clearly honing his skills and learning.

I looks really impressive and I bet it’s fun, but rather them than me. I’ll stick to my bike, thanks!

July 22nd – I managed to slip out late afternoon, intending to check out Chasewater, then over to Hints via Burntwood and Wall, then maybe to Hopwas and Whittington and back home, calling in for shopping along the way; sadly the rain came at Wall and I went to the supermarket from there instead.

At Chasewater, though, these two larking labradors fascinated me. They tussled and played on the wakeboard pier and had a great time, clearly the best of pals.

A lovely thing to watch.

February 11th – It was one of those days daylight seemed to avoid. I headed to the canal for a little inspiration, but none came. The grey just merged via a horrid, drizzly mist.

The sky was grey. The water was grey. The landscape was in shades of grey. I felt grey.

Days like these really try your resolve.

January 7th – I love inversions, when mist rolls off water low into the air. I don’t see many these days, and certainly none as dramatic as those from my childhood, but the character of the area has changed so much in 40 years that I shouldn’t be surprised, really.

I was out after dark and noticed fleeting, transitory clouds of mist forming over the canal at Silver Street, intensifying, then disappearing. It was stunning.

I tried to photograph them as best I could, but this is really something you have to see first hand…

February 6th – I had promised not to moan about the rain again. But come on, it was rain all day from the moment I awoke until late into the evening. That’s not good. And again, that evil, evil wind.

I got out around teatime and did a quick loop of the town. There is something enchanting about traffic, electric light and rain, but I think I’ve seen enough of it.

All I want right now is a dry, calm and sunny spring. It seems unlikely. But I can always hope…