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#365daysofbiking Animal magic

July 21st – It hadn’t promised to be a ride day at all, so I didn’t have high hopes for the ride at all. It was fantastic, if weary, as it happened, and it was all about the animals I met on the way.

From the two wee dogs in chokey and the ferrets at the Barton gate Steam Fair to the herd of curious cows at Dunstall, animals stole the show all through the ride.

Most interesting was the long range shot of the red deer at Dunstall Park – a farmed herd – the majestic stag of which turned out to be providing perch for two magpies, presumably assisting his grooming.

I’ve seen small birds do that with pigs before, but never magpies on deer…

A great ride. And oh, those coos!

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August 25th – A bad time with the IBS at the moment, but I got out late in the afternoon on what was a very pleasant day to the Historic Narrowboat Club heritage gathering at Alvecote, on the far side of Tamworth. 

There were a huge number of old working boats on display, with their proud owners ready to tell you all about them – and these fine characters and their wonderful dogs made for a great couple of hours. 

A very English thing on a lovely Saturday.

August 28th – I’d heard there was going to be a a canal festival/floating market thing at Alvecote Marina in Tamworth, so I took a spin out to check it out – it was a fine event, with what must have been nearly 100 boats, floating traders, food, drink and entertainment. 

It was very crowded and a very hot afternoon, but it was a lovely do.

As ever, the dogs made it. Boater dogs really are characters.

July 22nd – I managed to slip out late afternoon, intending to check out Chasewater, then over to Hints via Burntwood and Wall, then maybe to Hopwas and Whittington and back home, calling in for shopping along the way; sadly the rain came at Wall and I went to the supermarket from there instead.

At Chasewater, though, these two larking labradors fascinated me. They tussled and played on the wakeboard pier and had a great time, clearly the best of pals.

A lovely thing to watch.

June 10th – One of the best things about a real country fair is the sheer entertainment value and variety of dogs to be seen there. From feisty little terriers to the huge, rug-like Pyrenean they were all charming, whether part of a display, plodding behind an owner, partaking of a nap or just waiting patiently for a treat.

A particularly strange moment came when the local drag hunt released, apropos of nothing much, their pack of hounds into the crowd. An odd thing, for sure.

I could have happily adopted any of these fine dogs.

May 28th – I got to the floating market at Fazeley about 3:30pm, when the sun was out and conditions were good. It was a much smaller event than the year before, but still quite lovely, but I was struck by the lack of visitors. I have no idea why folk weren’t here; maybe the local advertising was poor. Perhaps earlier showers had put them off. Perhaps previous years had been disappointing.

Whatever the cause, it was sad as it was a nice event that I think potentially could have been larger and better attended. As usual, the boater dogs were the stars of the show and were charming and funny.

The boaters too were welcoming and friendly and I’d love to see this event prosper, but serious work is going to have to be done somewhere to make it happen.

August 23rd – Like an idiot, I left home without my camera today, but on a midday train journey to Telford, I met this lovely old lass off on holiday to Wales with her dad.

Apparently Jess likes a swim in the sea, a bit of seaside fish from the chip shop, and a little beer in her bowl of an evening. And long walks in the hills.

I hope Jess and her dad have a lovely holiday. She surely is a gorgeous dog.

My 15th – A pleasant recovery ride down to Faxeley Junction in Tamworth to see an old friend – there was a ‘floating market’ there which I caught the tail end of; it was a lovely, gentle event.

As at any canal gathering, the dogs were the stars of the sow; the two retrievers on the doggie boat were gorgeous, even tempered things. Others snoozed, loafed or begged treats from passers by.

There was plenty to see and do and it was a lovely afternoon in the sun to soothe my aches after the long ride of the day before.

September 26th – I nipped over to Burntwood to get some shopping in after work. On the way, I passed through Chasewater.

Near the top of the dam I saw an older chap with a bicycle trailer, containing a handsome, elderly brown and white collie dog. When your old mate cant walk so far, but still loves the fresh air and a change of scene, you do what you can. 

In this case it was saddle up the bike, get a trailer, put some old carpet in it for comfort, and use it as a chariot.

A lovely sight; two old friends out for a constitutional – not unlike the two boater dogs I spotted on my return at Anglesey Basin. I think they’d had a falling out as they seemed to be studiously ignoring each other…