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August 18th – Up at Chasewater, watching the wakeboarder practice is always a great way to spend some time, and also a good test of photography skills.

This chap was trying out some pretty acrobatic stuff and was clearly honing his skills and learning.

I looks really impressive and I bet it’s fun, but rather them than me. I’ll stick to my bike, thanks!

July 22nd – I managed to slip out late afternoon, intending to check out Chasewater, then over to Hints via Burntwood and Wall, then maybe to Hopwas and Whittington and back home, calling in for shopping along the way; sadly the rain came at Wall and I went to the supermarket from there instead.

At Chasewater, though, these two larking labradors fascinated me. They tussled and played on the wakeboard pier and had a great time, clearly the best of pals.

A lovely thing to watch.

July 16th – Slowly bumbling over to Chasewater to catch the sunset, I wasn’t disappointed. I was pleased to see the wakeboarders out on such a temperate evening, and they made for good photos. 

I’m pleased this particular facility is doing well and seems popular – and it’s a favourite of local photography enthusiasts who love to catch the thrills and spills of the novice and experienced boarder alike.

Chasewater really looks better than it does in a golden hour. For the time I loafed here, enjoying the moment and forgetting I had a headache, I’d have not been anywhere else in the world.

September 17th – The sunset was gorgeous at Chasewater, the calm before the chaos. A lone lady practised her wake boarding to a small audience, birders checked out the gull roost, and those lucky enough to catch this spectacle – very few, sadly – basked in the light and beauty of the dying day.

Sometimes all you need for peace and beauty are a couple of cyclists, a couple of cameras and a beautiful evening.

July 30th – A warm afternoon run to Chasewater on the canal: even though its getting on to high summer, there are still plenty of wildflowers looking beautiful, and the wild sweetpeas are still showing well around the derelict coal-chutes of Anglesey Basin.

At Chasewater itself, wake boarding was still in full swing despite the suspected bloom of blue-green algae the week before. I’m not into that kind of thing much but that does look like the most wonderful fun…

April 10th – I took a spin out to Burntwood after work on an errand, but never got to where I set out for. Even at a fairly late hour, it was good to see the wakeboarding lines busy and in use. It really is great to see people having fun on the water here. 

Even if they do come a cropper now and again…

March 7th – A great afternoon, although the wind was still very fresh. I returned via Chasewater, which was surprisingly deserted. I noticed the wakeboarding equipment had been set up for the new season, and the lake was still overflowing into the spillway. Waves broke against the southern shore with some anger and splashed any incautious walker.

The canal also looked fine as I returned to Brownhills with the sun warm on my back. This early spring is gorgeous, and it’s just what the doctor ordered – but I still can’t get the frightening thought out of my head that at the end of March last year we had the heaviest snowfalls for years.

One thing about Britain I really love: no two seasons are ever the same.

June 23rd – An evening spin out to Chasewater, and a surprisingly choppy reservoir put me in ming of childhood trips to Rhyl or Prestatyn. The wind whipped the water into spume-topped fury, and buffeted the pier, breakwater and wakeboard line.

Wakelake seem to be settling in now, but seem to be still erecting gear. They’ve made a much better job of renovating the pier than I originally thought, although it will stay out of bounds to the general public. 

It’s so good to see this facility here, and the old wooden jetty come back to life.

June 7th – The new wakeboard facility seems to be undergoing testing at Chasewater – at least, the first line is now up and in use. I hope this will bring folk to Chasewater, and it certainly looks like fun. I’m actually surprised at how unobtrusive it is, really, considering the fuss some folk made about it. Had hoped the pier would be in for a bit more TLC than it seems to have received, but it’s still nice to see it in use again.

I wish the operators well in their new venture. Welcome to Chasewater, folks!

May 27th – I noted at Chasewater today, work was ongoing on the new Wakeboard line installation there. Towers have been constructed on land, and look set to be erected soon in the water. The pier has had all of it’s handrails removed, and the steps cropped off. Engineers were also working on a floating pontoon.

I’m really interested in this, and am keen to see how it progresses.