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#365daysofbiking Choppy waters

Saturday March 13th 2021 – The high winds continue, with the kind of blustery, cool weather one more expects in April than March, but without the warmth.

An evening run to Chasewater rewarded another decent sunset but the chill was biting. The noise of the water lapping against the dam was lovely, though and I stood mesmerised by it for a long while.

Through all the mess of the pandemic, Chasewater at this time of day has been a real anchor for me. However choppy the waters.

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#365daysofbiking Spume

February 23rd – A blustery circuit of Chasewater was hard work but enjoyable. My fitness is returning but the wind – enough to whip up spume on the reservoir – was making life very difficult.

The skies were good though, and when the sun came out, there was perceptible warmth on my face.

I guess we’re all just waiting for better days now.

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February 21st – Another grim, grey and periodically wet day that had started reasonably well, but by the time I was able to escape, had descended into grey intemperance. I headed out to Chasewater and found the water level still rising, but the place was largely deserted and the lake very choppy indeed. This place was hostile today.

The only bright thing here was the gorse, which is strongly in flower all around the park. Such vivid, bright yellow. A real joy.

August 10th – I realised I hadn’t really done a circuit of Brownhills like this for a while, and despite the grim weather warnings, it’s wasn’t a bad day at all. The light was bright, and the scenery good. It was a good day to photograph landscape, I guess.

A the Pelsall Road bridge on the canal, I discovered how the otherwise inaccessible flowerbed was being maintained – formerly I’d wondered if it was from the boat so often moored nearby. 

At Chasewater, the lake was very, very choppy. The wakeline had been abandoned for the day, and only a few very brave windsurfers were out.

I note that the valves are currently open, and the water level at the reservoir is steadily lowering, probably to the lowest level since last summer, the high watermark evident on the spillway bridge in a line of white surface scum.

An unexpectedly great day to be out.

February 8th – Chasewater does Whitby. It was certainly the last resort – this is no country for old men. I got back on the bike, and slogged home into the relentless wind, cursing all the way.

June 23rd – An evening spin out to Chasewater, and a surprisingly choppy reservoir put me in ming of childhood trips to Rhyl or Prestatyn. The wind whipped the water into spume-topped fury, and buffeted the pier, breakwater and wakeboard line.

Wakelake seem to be settling in now, but seem to be still erecting gear. They’ve made a much better job of renovating the pier than I originally thought, although it will stay out of bounds to the general public. 

It’s so good to see this facility here, and the old wooden jetty come back to life.