#365daysofbiking Gifted:

December 6h – Every year for the last decade or so, Walsall Wood Councillors (currently messers Harris, Sears and Clarke) have dug deep in their own pockets and clubbed together to fund the Christmas Tree in Walsall Wood, and I was pleased to note tonight that the tradition continues.

Walsall Wood has a lovely tree this year, and it does look most excellent.

I am miles away from the donors politically, but I must compliment them ion their annual act of generosity.

Thanks you, and do have a very merry Christmas!

March 13th – I know I featured this the other day, but it is a view that’s quite short-lived and one I love lots. Having been to a meeting in Birmingham in the afternoon, I came back to Shenstone as usual and hit there in a sort of pink, gentle golden hour. I was only about 15 minutes from sunset, and the pink cast was from a dying sun, but it flattered the dark sandstone of St John’s church tower beautifully, it’s gargoyles proud and prominent as ever.

Also worth noting in these shots are the rooftops, gables and chimneys of Shenstone, a wonderful array. How lovely that a village should grow around the hill in that remarkable way, with the remains of an early church, and a still functioning Victorian one immediately adjacent.

February 25th – A day of continual light snow and odd sunny periods, but it was again fiercely bitter.

Returning from Shenstone Station, I stopped to note than in the daylight at last, my commute revealed the twin church towers of Shenstone – one in use, one very much derelict. 

Across the rooftops of the village, that’s a lovely sight and one that every year reminds me that although the weather may be bad, spring and warmth are on their way.