#365daysofbiking Garden ruin

October 19th – Originally featuring tennis courts, gardens and bowling greens, the original, once beautiful Oak Park has been pretty much abandoned and allowed to decay in recent years. This is a crime, and a civic insult to the miners and citizens of Walsall Wood to whom this place was a gift. Only the bowling… Read More #365daysofbiking Garden ruin

#365daysofbiking Here I stand: November 6th – One thing I forgot in the years I hadn’t been coming to Redditch is a small rule that also applies to fellow new town Telford – never risk an unknown shortcut when in a hurry. I was dashing for the train. I took what I thought would be… Read More

#365daysofbiking Dead and buried: September 16th – A grim, drizzly afternoon and a late escape. I went to see if there were any remnants of an ancient burial mound called Offlow near the hamlet of Swinfen, trapped in the A38-A5 interchange triangle, just south of Lichfield. Apart from a rise in the general landscape, there… Read More

June 21st – I passed through Snow Hill Station mid afternoon, and noticed a little bit of lost local history that I’d totally forgotten about – the old Snow Hill tram stop. When the Midland Metro opened in the late 90s, it originally terminated here at one platform of Snow Hill Station. The stop was… Read More

May 20th – Another late afternoon ride on a bad stomach – but this time, an absolute blast. Out mid afternoon through Wall, Whittington, Harlaston, Clifton, Overseal, Woodville, Hartshorne, Foremark Reservior, then back via Bretby, Swadlincote, Burton and Catton.  The derelict cooling towers still loom over the remarkable Willington landscape, including the fascinating undulations in… Read More