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#365daysofbiking Blue wonder

March 13th – A very windy, unpleasant day, but I had to pop to Tipton.

On the way, in Wednesbury’s Brunswick Park, I spotted this patch of grape hyacinths, tiny blue flowers that are one of my favourites in spring. Their composition – of multiple, tiny bell-like flowers is fascinating and one of the joys of the season.

I note also now that the crocuses are finished, a real sign of they year’s progression. Christmas now seems an age ago…

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September 5th – I was lucky in the morning, my early commute just clipped the edge of the forecast rain, and I didn’t get wet, but when I nipped out mid day on an errant to Wednesbury, I was caught in a downpour.

The flowers in Brunswick Park seemed to enjoy it though. I most do more on Brunswick, it’s another beautiful urban oasis that’s often unappreciated.

Can we have summer back, please? Thanks.