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#365daysofbiking Quick Silver

Tuesday January 4th 2021 – A better evening commute, but I was in a hurry to get home. We’re now back in full lockdown, and the world felt that little bit more hostile to be out in, so I just swept through the Silver Street Marina area, and took some quick shots looking up the canal to the Watermead Estate.

It’s not a bad spot this, but the paving at the waterside desperately needs some love – it’s uneven and breaking up. The view is nice though, and a bit of welcome calm in a mad world. You’d never believe this was central Brownhills.

from Tumblr

June 12th – Just found this from a few weeks ago. 

Riding out of the Galton Valley canal cutting in one go up on to Galton Bridge. Real time, no stopping. 

For a tubby old bloke, I still have me moments. 

Music ‘Forest Dance’ by Jethro Tull.

September 7th – Hopwas Hays Wood. A downhill from the north tip I’d not done before. Difficult, unexpected, exhilarating. I’ve pussyfooted around with this damned bad foot too long. Time to wig out.

I’ve also not done any ride cams for ages, and have a bit of a project on the boil. More later.

This is filmed real time, max speed about 35mph. Music the gorgeous “Close Behind’ by Calexico. In the western classic I’ll never direct, the hero and heroine ride off into the sunset to this music.

April 1st – This journal is three years old today. Three years since Renee Van Baar cajoled me into doing #30daysofbiking. I’ve cycled every day in that three years except two days when I was too ill to ride a bike during about of food poisoning over New Year, 2012. That’s a 1094 days when I’ve been out and taken a picture or recorded a little video of the day’s ride. Thanks for joining me, and for all the likes, shares and retweets, as well as the excellent and knowledgable reader comments..

I have no idea why folk like this thing, but they seem quite fond of it, and I am too, for it’s made me look at something I do in a different way, and it’s also made me look more closely at what’s around me in my day-to-day life.

Cheers to everyone for being stoker on the tandem.

The cat isn’t impressed. He barely opened his eyes to display his utter contempt as I passed through Alumwell on my way back from work. I stopped to let oncoming traffic through, and he peered at me sleepily. I thought he was rather special, so disgusting him even further, I took a quick picture.

From November 6th – Walsall new ring road, Green Lane Junction about 5:10pm, Wednesday 6th November 2013. I didn’t feel it safe to stop as the guy behind was stuck to me like a wet T-shirt. This is far from unique driver behaviour here – get in the wrong lane trying to queue jump, then bugger everyone else trying to sort it out.

More of this run later.

Best viewed large by clicking on the youtube logo, and click on the wee gear symbol and select 1080 for best video quality.