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#365daysofbiking to the point

Monday February 8th 2021 –  About the only thing the pandemic has been good for has been the re-emergence of political graffiti.

It’s everywhere – the angry, the conspiracy theorists, even satirists are having a go. They’re all a bit rusty but it’s coming along nicely.

Here at Catshill Junction, just on the bridge, some disaffected soul has expressed themselves. Blunt and to the point.

Generous offer but I’d rather not, cheers.

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#365daysofbiking Up the junction again

January 7th – It had been raining and the towpaths were gunny again, so I did something I now find myself doing frequently: Leaving the canal by Anchor bridge and continuing down the High Street. It’s longer, but cleaner and less slippery.

Auto mode on the G5X is weird. I honestly feel some aspects of this camera are not complete in terms of software, or have some issue.

Auto seems to go very graining in specific conditions. It really doesn’t seem to know what to make of very white-blue LED light. In such cases it tends to over-expose.

It’s a funny little camera but I do love it, for all it’s faults….

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#365daysofbiking Sliding into darkness

October 15th –  Returning in the evening at the usual time is now crossing into the night: My commute now often starts in twilight and just about ends in darkness.

As I passed Catshill Junction on my way to the High Street on a sodden canal towpath, I just caught the last of the light.

Oh how I hate this gradual, inexorable slide into darkness.

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#365daysofbiking Night moves

September 27th – Slipping out late on an errand, I thought I’d really give night mode on the phone a go.

You know what? I’m not struck. It generates very colourful, sharp images – but also, very noisy. It is indeed a triumph of software over physical limitation – but it’s nowhere near as good as using a dedicated camera.

It will be handy, but I think it needs some refinement to be honest.

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#365daysofbiking Long days

June 19th – Working long hours on a difficult project at the moment and I returned one in a pleasant summer dusk after rain had passed.

The towpaths were still a bit wet, so I headed up to Anchor Bridge and down the High Street. In doing so, I caught the setting sun over the canal.

When work is tough, that ride home is like a mental breath of fresh air and provides a buffer between work and home.

And a chance for peace. It was good to be near home.

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#365daysofbiking Follow you, follow me

May 13th – On the way home from work, near Catshill Junction, one of Brownhills’ most closely watched families – the Watermead swans – head towards Catshill, purpose unknown.

Mum and dad and 3 cygnets, like any family. Proud mother, protective father and chattering, pottering children, learning all the time.

Timeless and beautiful to see.

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June 16th – A lost day with bike repairs when everything went wrong. Slipping out on a test ride as darkness fell, I hit Silver Street and Catshill Junction, and realised I’d forgotten just how much the G7X camera loves the twilight.

A dreadful day, but a bit of a ride in the glorious even cool was just what I needed.

January 26th – Friday meant a hectic day in Birmingham on business, then a frantic, frenetic dash back home for an important errand. I hit home, and set off to make the calls I had to at dusk.

Another way I’m liking the Canon camera is the clarity of even low daylight shots. It’s really pleasing me, like these grey canalscapes quickly snatched passing over Catshill Junction on my way to Walsall Wood.

January 3rd – I was being watched, and I had a feeling this particular ball of floof didn’t care much for me at all. In fact, it looked positively hostile.

I was heading up to Walsall Wood on an errand, and I saw him in a canalside garden at the back of Lindon Drive, just near Catshill Junction. On the far side of the canal, I was in what must have been forbidden territory to the cat, and I’ve often wondered what canal cats make of life on the bank they can rarely get to.

Make no mistake, this is a stunning puss with gorgeous eyes. Someone loves this fine feline dearly. I just think he wanted to end me.

Still, nice to see a cat in Winter. Bit of a rarity at the moment…

December 27th – Crossing Catshill Junction Bridge, the ice was treacherous and I was glad to be on studded tyres. Whilst taking the photograph of Humphries House, I could hear a nearby radio, and was confused where it might be coming from. Coming down the bridge towards Brownhills, I noticed a tent in the darkness; there was a fisherman there on the far side, with all the kit for night fishing.

That’s hardy on a night like this – respect.