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#365daysofbiking Long days

June 19th – Working long hours on a difficult project at the moment and I returned one in a pleasant summer dusk after rain had passed.

The towpaths were still a bit wet, so I headed up to Anchor Bridge and down the High Street. In doing so, I caught the setting sun over the canal.

When work is tough, that ride home is like a mental breath of fresh air and provides a buffer between work and home.

And a chance for peace. It was good to be near home.

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September 27th – It was clear when I left work that there was going to be a good sunset, and it reached it’s peak just as I hit Brownhills. An absolutely stunning sundown, I haven’t seen the like for a good while – the sky appeared to be on fire, with the dying red light reflected on the underside of mackerel clouds.

A great benefit of the shortening of the day is riding home in sunsets like these.

May 10th – I squelched through Walsall Wood on the way home, like a drowned rat. The deluge had been particularly heavy around the ring road, and it had made the traffic aggressive and worrying.

I had something to do in Walsall Wood, and mindful of my promise to bring my friend the best of what was around, I spotted the gorgeous cherry blossom at St. Johns.

The day may have been a washout, but this more than made up for it.

January 8th – Darlaston, Victoria Park, passing through from work on an errand.

It’s early January. The sun came out. Everything felt beautiful. This place…. it has my heart.

Feeling a lot more optimistic now.