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#365daysofbiking That old razzle dazzle

Tuesday December 22nd 2020 – There’s a photographic effect you can get with some cameras whereby if you open the aperture wide, bright lights at night develop a starburst.

I’m pleased to say the Panasonic LX100MII I’m currently using does this – previous Canons really didn’t: I think it was processed out. The best cameras I ever had for this effect were Nikon, with which you could reliably get the most wonderful sparkles.

You don’t want it on many photos, it can be a bit cheap and tacky, and I’ve not the remotest idea what is actually happening to cause it. But as an occasional side-salad of night photography, it’s an interesting dish to experiment with.

Here on the canal at Silver Street on my way home from work – it did pretty well. Except for the green lens flare in the lower right centre of the image.

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#365daysofbiking Up the junction again

January 7th – It had been raining and the towpaths were gunny again, so I did something I now find myself doing frequently: Leaving the canal by Anchor bridge and continuing down the High Street. It’s longer, but cleaner and less slippery.

Auto mode on the G5X is weird. I honestly feel some aspects of this camera are not complete in terms of software, or have some issue.

Auto seems to go very graining in specific conditions. It really doesn’t seem to know what to make of very white-blue LED light. In such cases it tends to over-expose.

It’s a funny little camera but I do love it, for all it’s faults….

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#365daysofbiking Harsh, still

October 8th – Despite a flurry of updates, the generally lauded night mode on the new iPhone is very impressive but to me, still somewhat harsh.

On one of my favourite night subjects – Clayhanger Bridge – the image is impressive for a phone, but I think a real camera generally does it better, even with this incompetent behind it.

Maybe I’m being harsh myself…

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#365daysofbiking Picture this

September 20th – An old favourite but a new camera, well sort of: The new iPhone is being touted as having the ‘best camera in any smartphone yet’ and having a new one, I’m interested to try it.

Over the years, as the technology improved, more of this journal is phone images – either by convenience, of because the phone was immediately to hand. But they’re no substitute for a decent camera – the physical limitations of a phone camera are just too great.

There’s no doubt that the pictures this device takes are excellent. But the seem a little harsh – since the physical mechanical constraints of a small camera in a thin unit are so great, the real art of this thing is in software. It’s goo, but I think needs softening a little.

It’s still absolutely remarkable though, have to say.

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#365daysofbiking The night in my veins

September 7th – I headed over to a silent, deserted Chasewater not optimistic that I could get decent results out of the new camera.

However, having been in this position before, I thought I might sort it out and get used to the foibles of the new device.

The G5X is actually great, and I think it was mastered. Apart from the toad shots, where a bike light was used for illumination, all of the images were taken in almost total darkness by a variety of means and mode settings.

I think I’m getting used to it.

Riding back along the canal after being scared senseless by a stag crashing through the scrub at Anglesey Wharf, I nearly squished poor toad, but it obliged as a model before I popped him into the hedgerow for safety.

I love the night, it’s a lot more beautiful than people would tend to think. Nosey, unsubtle deer excepted.

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#365daysofbiking Highly evolved:

December 2nd – For the second time in two days, I was out without a camera, and reliant on my phone. On my return I had to nip up to Walsall Wood, so conducted an experiment and took a favourite shot from Anchor Bridge.

This is a phone photo.

I find the quality of this astounding – I know well of course that the clever bit here is software overcoming the huge hardware limitations of a tiny camera. But the quality from my iPhone is astounding.

An image of this quality from a phone even 5 years ago would have been unthinkable.

The evolution of technology is remarkable.

#365daysofbiking Clarity:

November 14th – I’m finding the Canon G1X a bit of a conundrum: The smaller, more limited G7X was a lot easier to take low-light images with, but the pictures were not as good in my opinion. I had expected to flow from one camera to the other seamlessly, but that’s not been the case.

But I’m learning. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

On this warm, breezy but glass-clear evening, I couldn’t resist hopping up onto Catshill Junction Bridge for a shot of the moon over the canal, before heading back to Brownhills.

#365daysofbiking Telephone man:

October 3rd – I stupidly left my camera at work, but took some shots with the phone camera over Clayhanger Bridge going to the village to undertake an errand on my way home. The phone is an iPhone XS and althoughhe range in the images is a little harsher than I’d like, phone cameras have come a long way considering the obvious limitations of the physical design.

I quite like these images, showing the the Brownhills Canal is also showing beautifully the colours of the season.

I also loved the sky reflection on the canal…

June 23rd – Slipping out to catch the sunset after a much needed rest day, and the weather gods didn’t let me down.

I’m experimenting (again) with a new camera to me – a Canon G1X. Liking it so far but I think it may be a bit advanced for this poor snapper.

A gorgeous evening, but the sheer amount of bugs that rose all of a sudden on the dam as night fell were a bit of a trial.