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#365daysofbiking City of ghosts

September 28th – The shopping and other errands in Lichfield took longer than anticipated and I ended up returning after dark, but it’s always nice to catch Lichfield in the dusk.

My friend was keen to practise their low light camera skills and it was truly a pleasure to try the old haunts and muses. I always love how the people in these images look almost insubstantial.

There’s a much better photo in the cathedral walk artwork but we didn’t stumble upon it – one for another night.

That old underpays – site of many an 1980s band publicity photo – is still captivating in it’s otherworldliness.

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#365daysofbiking The lateness of the hour

August 30th – Yet another late night. Catshill junction provided another good opportunity to find out how to get the best out of the Canon G5X mark II.

I’m beginning to like it but still not confident that what I capture is what I want.

I loved the effect of the garden lights and LED street lighting. That really has made urban night photography a different game.

In this late hour it’s hard to explain just how dark these scenes actually were.

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#365daysofbiking Winter haunts

August 29th – Working late this week, not getting time out to myself, but it does allow me to try a new camera on some old favourites.

I’m working with a Canon G5X mark II at the moment, which is astonishingly good in daylight. I’m having trouble mastering it in low light though, so what better place to try it than my old haunt and winter muse of Clayhanger Bridge at night?

Not too bad but need more practice. I’ll surely get plenty of that in the oncoming months…

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#365daysofbiking Warm welcome


December 27th – I returned via Aldershawe and Wall, for no other reason than to avoid the grind of Pipe Hill. As I was coming through Wall I noticed how warm and cosy looking the Trooper pub/restaurant looked.

A pub that was closed for a while about a decade ago, it’s rebirth is a real success story and one I thought I’d never see: but it’s gone from strength to strength and always seems busy when I pass.

It’s a wonderful, welcoming landmark at night.

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#365daysofbiking City of light

December 27th – A late afternoon visit to Lichfield was in order to sort out some post Christmas buys. The place was oddly quiet and I expected it to be much more busy than it was.

The weather was warm, very grey and overcast but rather warm, which seems to be the order of the day for the winter so far.

The lights of the city however, were as bright and beautiful as ever and I thinks it’s a place I’ll never tire of photographing in low light.

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#365daysofbiking Clarity:

November 14th – I’m finding the Canon G1X a bit of a conundrum: The smaller, more limited G7X was a lot easier to take low-light images with, but the pictures were not as good in my opinion. I had expected to flow from one camera to the other seamlessly, but that’s not been the case.

But I’m learning. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

On this warm, breezy but glass-clear evening, I couldn’t resist hopping up onto Catshill Junction Bridge for a shot of the moon over the canal, before heading back to Brownhills.

January 26th – Friday meant a hectic day in Birmingham on business, then a frantic, frenetic dash back home for an important errand. I hit home, and set off to make the calls I had to at dusk.

Another way I’m liking the Canon camera is the clarity of even low daylight shots. It’s really pleasing me, like these grey canalscapes quickly snatched passing over Catshill Junction on my way to Walsall Wood.

January 16th – A shot I was keen to try with the TZ 100 has been the M6 Toll bridge at Anglesey wharf. I don’t think it was dark enough. It was certainly struggling with the balance between sky and the sodium-lit under bridge.

It’s not a bad image, but bizarrely, I think the TZ90 did it way better.

December 30th – I was in Brownhills at dusk again, sorting out questions for the annual quiz on my main blog, and also fiddling with a new camera I have on loan – a Panasonic TZ100. This is a one-inch sensor compact that I’ve been curious to try.

I haven’t read the manual; I popped in a card, charged it up and off I went. So far, it’s very much like the TZ90 but with less zoom and a more strident low-light response, which is warm and pleasant.

Hopefully, the weather will improve soon and I’ll be able to get out and try this, and the Canon GX7 Mark II I also have been loaned side by side.

I’m ready for a more flexible camera in low light. I wonder if these will be the answer?