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#365daysofbiking Hard of herring

September 26th – Crossing the Parade in Brownhills near the Fullelove Memorial Shelter, there had been oddly enough, a landing of herring gulls, presumably on their way between local water and one of the several landfills where they feed.

These really are huge birds, and quite aggressive in appearance.

It’s hard not to associate these surprisingly complex birds with the sea – but with abundant food locally and planty of water, this one has probably never seen the sea.

An odd feature of local wildlife.

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March 24th – In Birmingham for an important work visit, I took time in the afternoon to do some shopping, both in the centre and up on the Soho Road.

That bike was parked on New Street – what on earth could the time be carrying? It’s very sturdy and from the marks, is clearly often stood on end. 

I have no idea, but that must be the very devil to ride. Chapeau! For that one.

Over in Soho,looking up above the frenetic, chaotic shopfronts, more oddly elongated structures. I’ve never seen chimney pots like that before. Guess it’s to elevate the emitted fumes, but it looks very odd.