#365daysofbiking Long live the King!

April 15th – At the end of February, I was sure I would never see this fine gentleman again, for it seemed the flat where Sam, the elderly, toothless and thoroughly grumpy Kings Hill Park cat lived had been vacated.

I was heartbroken, and wished him well in this post.

I needn’t have worried. I spotted the old grump a couple of weeks ago in the bay window of the flat BELOW the one being refurbished, snoozing as one would expect. I obviously couldn’t take a picture, but was so relieved this venerable old lad was not gone – after all, his sleeping habits last summer entertained me on many a day and I’d become, well, somewhat attached to him.

I finally found him today in the roadside garden of the flats complex where he lives. He’s thinner, but his coat has a beautiful gloss and his wonky eyes were bright and keen. His whiskers were immaculate and Sam clearly is reclaiming his place as monarch of the Kings Hill summer.

I think he might have remembered me, or perhaps not. But I’m glad though that this old cat can sleep, hopefully undisturbed – through another warm, peaceful summer dreaming of his kittenhood and youthful exploits.

A fine lad whose return I am very glad to see.

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from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2VL9h0x

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