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#365daysofbiking Sea of green

June 21st – Crossing the canal on the Silver Street Bridge, a gang of always-hungry Canada geese could clearly smell my curry.

I told them that they wouldn’t like it, and anyway, they hadn’t finished their algae yet.

That was slightly unfair as there’s more this year for some strange reason than I’ve seen for years. Hopefully the coming hot weather will clear it off…

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April 7th – A day at home doing bits and pieces, and then an errand to Shenstone on a lovely sunny afternoon. On the way, I came over the old bridge at Footherley, and was reminded it was very nearly the anniversary of a piece of graffiti that fascinates me.

I remember the boldly carved script ‘Billy + Tracee 30-4-83′ from when it was new and surprising. Now, nearly 34 years later, I wonder, as I do often who Billy and Tracee were, where they are now, and wonder if they’re still a couple?

I do hope they’re still local, still together, and pass this, often as a reminder.

February 23rd – After a bloody awful day that started well enough but slid rapidly downhill mid-afternoon, I just wanted to get home. I was cold, I hadn’t had enough to eat and I felt lower than a snake’s knees. 

I hauled myself up the hill from Pleck as I didn’t trust my judgement on the ring road this evening, and rolled liquid through the centre of Walsall. Cutting down Darwall Street to pop something in the post, I was caught up short by the view. The bus station, the lights, something about it. 

I was so cold, I didn’t stop again. Some times, you just have to keep on moving.