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#365daysofbiking Flower power

April 30th – Nature gets me through times of no hope more reliably than hope gets me through times of no nature – and throughout the pandemic, for all the horror of the news and social media, the simplicity and beauty of the world continuing to turn about it’s seasonal axes is really keeping me going.

The hedgerows, waysides and edgelands are alive with ragwort, bluebells, green alkanet, forget me nots, dandelions and a whole host of others.

And on that daily exercise ride, they really bring joy to a troubled, concerned soul.

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#365daysofbiking Saved by the bell

April 30th – It’s nice to see a good showing of bluebells this year. The slightly earlier, brassier Spanish varies are copious, as are the more delicate, darker native variety here.

Right now, hedgerows, woodlands, verges and ditches are alive with shades of purple and blue and it’s rather gorgeous.

L adore spring, and I love bluebells particularly.

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May 1st – A blustery and occasionally wet ride over to Walton on Trent and back through Lullington and Clifton Campville – but true to my promise, I found the colours of spring.

Songbirds were in the hedgerows – never seen so many goldfinches – and blossom, wildflowers and emerging leaves made everything bright.

I couldn’t get the sunshine, but I got the season. A great ride.

April 16th – I rode into Lichfield to do some shopping and errands, and noticed how all the spring flowers were out. In Festival Gardens, the mascara or grape hyacinths were the deepest electric blue; by Minster Pool the tulips were a beautiful regiment of cream and St. Michael’s churchyard has a huge glade of wild garlic, bluebells and primroses.

Just that morning we’d had quite heavy snow showers.

This unusual but beautiful spring continues.

May 3rd – Another spot that benefited from the sunshine and offered some shelter from the wind was Fishpond Wood, which I’d taken such a poor photo of the previous Friday.

The wood is currently carpeted with delicate, English bluebells and is a magical, captivating place.

I come here every spring; it’s life-affirming and reminds me just why I love this area so much. We may not be on the list of the nation’s tourist must-see places, but we have such beauty in so many unexpected places.

April 28th – A frantic day, working late. I came home at sunset, and crested Shire Oak Hill, heading to Stonnall to bag a takeaway for tea.

On the way a patch of Spanish bluebells, almost fluorescent in the evening light. Gorgeous.

Such an excellent season, this spring.

April 26th – Out late afternoon for a fast spin out to Hints via Canwell, Weeford and Shenstone. It was a gorgeous day with a grim north wind – but the sun and shade more than made up for it. I didn’t have much time to stop, but the oilseed rape was at full blast, and everything looked fresh and green. 

I note with sadness that the magnolia at Hints Church -which is normally stunning – seems to have had a bad year, poor thing.

May 10th – Fishpond Wood just off the Chester Road at Stonnall is often locally referred to as Bluebell Wood, for obvious reasons. Last year the display of very delicate, native bluebells was quite poor due to the late spring, but this year they are excellent. This is a lovely quiet spot just off a main road, but when in bloom, the bluebells render it magical, even on a poor day like this.

May 2nd – Returning from Lichfield via Aldershawe, I stopped to admire the oilseed rape here; there are acres and acres of it on the northern slopes of the hill down to Lichfield. But also, beautiful wildflowers too.

Don’t think I’ve ever known a spring this vibrant. It really is extraordinary.