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April 22nd – One of the loveliest things about this time of year is falling petals from trees in blossom.

Like nature’s own confetti, it celebrates the coming of warm days, sunshine and  light.

To see this delicate beauty, driving in swirls on the breeze, dappling grass and decorating you as you pass is a joy to the heart.

I just wish it wasn’t over so quickly!

April 20th – And so, spring is on her throne at last and summer is booting up.

The speed at which this has happened this year – in no more that a week – has been startling and rather wonderful.

Every day new discoveries, and whilst yesterday, the blossom was just starting, this morning it was showing strongly.

How long I have waited for the light, the warmth and the wonderful burst of life. It was worth the wait.

April 19th – Deep blue sky, early morning on an industrial estate in the Black Country, with cherry blossom coming into flower, in shirtsleeves, sat on a crate drinking tea and listening to the world wake up and catch the wheels of it’s day.

Nothing finer.

November 14th – Urban planners and groundsmen seem to like ornamental cherry trees. They grace town centres, open spaces, park and industrial estates. They don’t go particularly wild, take little care and offer beautiful blossom in spring, and gorgeous leaf colours in autumn, like these at Hortonwood.

They certainly brightened my day on a very, very dull morning.

June 28th – A miserable wet day, but thankfully, I mostly managed to avoid the worst of the rain. Although not great for me, it’ll be good to swell the rapidly growing fruits by the wayside.

How quickly we move to the fruiting phase of summer: Rowan berries, cherries, haws and all manner of delights are now developing steadily and beginning to ripen.

A genuine delight on a dreadful morning, but where the hell is summer slipping away to?

April 13th – This made me double take: on the cycleway at Telford, what I thought was one cherry tree with two different colours of blossom. Closer inspection showed it to be two separate trees, growing intertwined. What a beautiful sight!

Also beautiful is the oceans of petal confetti decorating the verges and paths. Such a wonderful time of year.

April 6th – More blossom, and there will be lots more to come as this seems like a good year. I think this is some kin of ornamental cherry, spotted by the canal in Darlaston Green.

The flowers are fascinating, and almost look like they’re made out of tissue paper. They are the most wonderful deep pink.

Travelling to work these last couple of weeks has been a much brighter experience when the route is line with beauty like this.

April 5th – Blue sky and profuse cherry blossom, one of the absolute joys of spring. Spotted on an industrial estate in Walsall, just how gorgeous is this?

Spring is here and there’s beauty everywhere you look.

March 28th – And not far away, another sight to gladden the heart: nascent cherry blossom, just waiting for a sunny day to encourage the buds to expand into beautiful pink flowers.

It may not have been very springlike today, but signs of the season were all around.

The daylight is back, the trees are coming into leaf and yes, I’ve survived the darkness once more.