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#365daysofbiking True grit

Thursday January 21st 2021 – The weather is wreaking grievous harm to my steeds. The continual mud and grime this year is getting into bottom brackets, bearings, brakes and wheel axles. Things are gritty and crunchy and graunchy.

My bikes will be OK. Unless essential, I leave maintenance until later, when the season changes and weather clears so new components get a summer start to bed in. The patina of mud, grime and road crud is left unwashed, as it does actually form a sort of protective coating.

Note in the lower picture some of the contamination is clearly road salt.

This winter has been one of the most brutally dirty ones I’ve ever seen. Continual mud and slime from rain frequent enough to keep towpaths and trails as little more than slurrey.

Oh well, I’ll sort it in spring…

from Tumblr

December 16th – New Street, mid morning. These are not photos of the station pre-upgrade, but afterwards. Some of it may be improved later, but nothing shows the  shallowness of the turd-polish this project really was than this view; just a little away from a main route through the station, bare 60s concrete, dirty 80s cladding and ugly, dark structures. 

New Street looks stunning in press photos from the concourse, and from the streets nearby; but use it and you soon realise that the Emperor has no clothes and the station is still failing, still unpleasant and still unfit for purpose.

You can’t polish a turd, as the saying goes, but they have rolled this one in glitter.

May 5th – In case you haven’t noticed, there’s an election on. I’ve avoided mentioning it much this time, as there’s little to be said that isn’t being mentioned elsewhere, and the whole thing seems a bit of a crap shoot. 

However, I couldn’t let this pass without comment. In Walsall, there is a voluntary ban on posters on council property at election time, which is being semi-sidestepped by landlords allowing banners to be erected on their properties. Sadly, all the ones I’ve spotted for the Conservatives in Walsall South are on derelict or unused buildings, which really promotes the booming, prosperous image the party must crave. 

The local council candidate in Darlaston South standing for the Tories doesn’t even name his party – surely he can’t be avoiding mentioning it, can he?

This is the oddest election season I’ve ever witnessed. 

December 25th – Must get the hosepipe out. Reckon the bike would be at least 5lb lighter without the accumulated mud, trail crud and vegetation…