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#365daysofbiking Consolation

December 8th – I went out early to catch a festive market at Chasewater.

By 11 O’clock it was called off, apparently due to the wind. I found the situation baffling, if I’m honest: I got there as everything was being packed away. I’d actually been looking forward to the event, and felt deflated.

Still, nothing to be done and it was actually quite a nice day, so I carried on for a spin, bumping into this group of ladies on my way to the cafe, which was a decent consolation if I’m honest.

Always nice to see the deer about.

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June 9th – Saturday meant the Clifton Campville Country Show which I first visited by accident the year before. I was a little late but there was still lots going on and it it was a typically English summer event, with an Classic cars and trucks, arena events, hot bewildered and bothered dogs, cakes, beer and a selection of bizarre things going on, including the local hunt that gave the security team – the local police cadets – a bit of a nightmare.

I didn’t find this one as good as 2017s – no jam or country produce at a country fair? But it was a lovely stop off on a sunny afternoon.

I love a good fete.

June 3rd – I made it to Draycott in the afternoon, after a very fast ride up the A515, and found the usual assortment of unusual cars, motorbikes, tractors, stationary engines and yes, steam traction by the… erm, truckload. 

Such events rarely show you anything new, but they are lovely to see the labour of love that maintaining and running a vintage machine – be it steam or petrol – really is.

The Deluxe Trabbant was astounding, and the chance to guzzle ice cream, chat geeky stuff with people who love mechanical engineering like I do was wonderful.

Always a lovely event, and there will be another in October.

September 12th – While I was in Tipton I noticed there’s something special going on there this weekend.

Tipton Canal Festival always has a good reputation, and this weekend if the weather is decent I may well pay it a visit…

Probably last chance for a good day by the water this year.

June 10th – I took a ride out on a dreadfully windy afternoon intent on visiting the Clifton Campville Country Fair. I’d been before a decade ago, when it was just a few stalls in a large garden, but I do love a country fete with cakes and all the usual things, and I’ve been determined to attend more this year. It was also a good way to force myself into a 40 mile plus ride in weather I’d normally swerve one for.

What I found was stunning; a large country event with big arena, loads of great stalls, a real ale bus, more cake than you could ever eat and lots of people. I wished I’d arrived earlier with more cash in my pocket!

It was a lovely, offbeat affair with a peculiarly eccentric atmosphere; a little disjointed but great fun.

All in the shadow of one of England’s finest churches.

The day was only darkened by the rain setting in on my way home; it started at Whitemoor Haye and didn’t stop. Combined with a 20mph headwind, it wasn’t a fun ride back.

But the event was well worth the battle.

September 3rd – A very wet morning washed out the Whittington Country Fair, which was very sad as it was a lovely, quintessentially English event with plenty of food, interesting stalls and animals.

There were a whole range of good food stalls, things to buy and see, and it was all bracketed by. that wonderful British stoicism that we were going to have a good time despite the mud and weather.

Some of it was so wonderfully Wallace and Grommit it was beautiful. A great day, and I bet on a dry year this fair is buzzing.

July 24th – I paid a flying visit to the Vintage Fair at Chasewater Railway on a very busy day of errands, and despite my general irritation over the glossing over of history’s inconveniences one normally senses at these things, I enjoyed it hugely. There were a large number of stalls, the place was buzzing and there were lots of people in various great outfits that really made the thing work.

It’s always the characters and those with style who make or break vintage fairs, and there were plenty here, and lots of interesting stuff to buy and see.

I do hope Chasewater Railway do this again – it was lovely.

July 19th – Another hectic day, and still not feeling exactly chipper, I spun again to Chasewater to catch a summer fair there,, and the speedboats. From there, I shot over to Wall to take a quick shufty at the Letocetum fun day – where the ancient Roman remains here were surrounded by re-enactors, stalls and activities. I wished I’d got there sooner; it looked like a fun, and very, very English summer event.

Wall is a gorgeous little place and the church overlooking the Roman site is just wonderfully historically prescient. The antiquity is free to visit and open all year round. Its well worth a visit.

July 25th – Spotted tacked to a telegraph pole in Stonnall, this looks like it might be a fun thing. This Saturday. Have no knowledge of it other than what’s on the flyer. I assume it’s at the smallholding with the pigs just in Gravelly Lane behind Stonnall Church. Might well take a look at that if the weather is good. 

July 8th – Whittington is developing a bit of a reputation as an ecologically sound, green village. They hold ‘Green’ fairs here quite often, and there are food markets here at weekends. All of which are really, really good to see.

The effect, however, is somewhat spoiled for cyclists who choose to visit the local Co-op general store. The cycle parking, consisting of two wheel bender stands, have been concreted in too close to a wall to work for an adult bike. Even if they were not, the clothes bank and bin prevent you from using them.

Well done, folks. Next time, ask a cyclist first, eh?