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#365daysofbiking Lip service

March 12th – I noticed a couple of weeks ago there seemed to be new bike parking at WalsalL Station, but only got around to investigating it this evening.

It’s in a curious, newly built compound off platform one, and isn’t like the secure hubs at other stations, which are lockable and really deter the casual thief. This is a decent enough stacking stand, with a tethered tool station nearby which is, I guess, a nice touch.

It clearly isn’t secure though, despite the claims it’s monitored by CCTV. A new looking bike lies in one station, stripped and trashed.

I’d rather leave my bike locked on Park Street – and the disclaimers are very off-putting too.

This is nothing more than lip service by West Midlands Trains, a company I’m rapidly coming to dislike.

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April 22nd – Using a bike rack, you’re doing it wrong (and making it difficult for anyone else to do so, too).

Photo taken through the train window whilst stopped at Butlers Lane this morning, hence poor quality, sorry.

Come on you dozy wazzock, it ain’t rocket science, is it?

March 12th – I landed at New Street at an unusual time, between trains. The station was heaving, and I wasn’t enjoying it, so hopped on the first service leaving in my general direction, to Four Oaks. Leaving there to cycle home on a hazy, sunny afternoon, I noticed the cycle parking there was pretty well used, with some nice bikes that were well locked.

That GT 29er is a lovely bike.

British Transport Police clearly take security seriously here, as there’s warnings about decoy tracker bikes and locking yours up with at least two locks.

One assumes this has been a theft hotspot – I can’t recall ever seeing such dedicated warnings anywhere else locally.

That aside, it’s a decent shelter, with good racks. Well played, Centro. Let’s have some more, please.

September 10th – This just in from the ‘You’re having a bloody laugh’ department. A I noted last week, security at the bike parking facilities in the ‘new’ New Street Station is notoriously bad. Daily, the tally of thefts and vandalism increases. Notwork Fail, in their wisdom, stonewall any criticism or constructive comment.

Today, I noted they’ve been pro-active. They have pasted up a life-size photo of a copper on the hoarding behind the racks. 

This has to be a joke. Fellow cyclists, Network Rail are taking the piss.

(Sorry about the poor quality close-up, taking photos at New Street is frowned upon)

September 18th – Another reason to like Leicester is the railway station. Recently refurbished, it’s full of thoughtful features, and has twice the number of ticket machines as Birmingham New Street, which says much. The front concourse has been totally reconstructed, and features some clever and unique bike parking – although there clearly isn’t enough of it.
This is a wonderful solution, and the whole lot is under CCTV watch with it’s own camera. the BTP also plant tracker-fitted bikes here to catch thieves.  Sadly, though, the mechanics of the stands seem to have baffled one punter…
Well done to the designers – nice job. Love it. 

July 8th – Whittington is developing a bit of a reputation as an ecologically sound, green village. They hold ‘Green’ fairs here quite often, and there are food markets here at weekends. All of which are really, really good to see.

The effect, however, is somewhat spoiled for cyclists who choose to visit the local Co-op general store. The cycle parking, consisting of two wheel bender stands, have been concreted in too close to a wall to work for an adult bike. Even if they were not, the clothes bank and bin prevent you from using them.

Well done, folks. Next time, ask a cyclist first, eh?

May 20th – Waitrose isn’t the greatest supermarket for selection or price, and it’s certainly not the closest (although it’s only 15 minutes from here by bike), even if the do sell the best Earl Grey teabags (their own brand, surprisingly enough) – so why shop there? Easy. They give a shit about people on bicycles. Secure parking right outside the front window – so you can watch your steed whilst browsing, and free cycle trailer hire, too for those big shops.

All the other local stores don’t care – Tesco Brownhills has no cycle provision whatsoever, and at Morrisons in Burntwood and Aldridge it’s tucked out of sight, as is the cycle shelter at the new Tesco store in Lichfield. Haven’t found the one at Tesco Walsall yet….