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#365daysofbiking Nearing home

March 8th – By the time I got to Brownhills, it was late and dark. I didn’t mind though – the rain had stopped and I wasn’t far from a hot shower, fish and chips and a big mug of tea.

The keen wind was drying things out an on the lonely but familiar Black Path, I reflected on what a hard week it had been , and how glad I was that it was over.

Some weeks you’re glad just to survive to see the end of them.

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April 28th – I wasn’t riding a bike, but returning from an early evening meal, I spotted deer from the car on the north of Holland Park by Brownhills School. We pulled over and went to look.

Against the odds the sunset was surprisingly good and the large herd of red deer – numbering between 17-20 – were skittish but curious.

Sometimes, all you need to improve your day are good food, good company, the people you love, a decent sunset and some wildlife.

October 15th – And then came a new day, and a restorative, happy ride to Cannock Chase – but before that, a quick call to check out Brownhills Parade, where the avenue of roadside trees is an autumn favourite.

Not quite at their peak, this spot will be a favourite with local photographers for weeks now, and rightly so, it’s a magical, beautiful reminder that the town I live and in and love is actually surprisingly beautiful.

I remember when these trees were planted.