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#365daysofbiking Haunting lights

Thursday December 10th 2020 – Coming home on yet another wet night, I turned to look at Chandlers Keep across Catshill Junction just as it was starting to come on to rain again. I thought it might make a good photo.

This worked better than I imagined it would, and I think it’s mainly due to the reduced sideways glare from LED streetlights used on that development.

They also give a really interesting ghostly aspect from a distance, that seems more pronounced in damp conditions.

There really is a theme lately: There is beauty in the grimmest nights I think.

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#365daysofbiking A different light

November 18th – If you read this journal regularly, you’ll know I’m not terribly impressed with Telford’s new pedestrian bridge, linking the railway station with the town centre over the line and rTelford ring road.

The bridge itself is an awful design that relies on lifts for wheelchair access and those lifts are highly unreliable. The structure has no rainwater control, and seems like a badly thought out, peculiarly executed piece of civil engineering hubris.

However, I will say this: Like Walsall bus station, at night with the thing lit up, you can kind of see what the architect was getting at.

The lighting in the stairs handrails is a particularly nice touch.

But it’s still a turd you can’t really. polish.

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November 27th – Coming down from Priorslee in Telford along the cycleway to the station past nightfall.

The lighting here is still shrouded by the last remnants of the summer’s greenery and was changed at some point in the year for new LED fittings.

The combination of the much more specifically directional light and the tree overhang was some remarkable tonight that I had to stop and take a picture. 

This image hasn’t been doctored in anyway. 

November 14th – I came through my beloved Shenstone station late, expecting to see the match vaunted ‘supermoon’ – sadly, when I alighted, it was too cloudy to see. 

I consoled myself with the atmosphere of this lonely but beautiful place in the darkness. I love the white light on the steps, and the curious pool of light the car is bathed in.

January 4th – Still, once I was wet there was no point in not enjoying the environment. I keep playing with this view of Clayhanger Bridge from the canal. Today, I used the bike light to highlight the railings and overflow. It seems to have worked but would have benefited from a tripod.

One day I must set out to learn what I’m doing with a camera.

November 12th – I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a Hope R2i light to test, and I’m very impressed with it.

I’ve been looking for an integrated, one-piece rechargeable front light for a while, as I’m fed up with using external batteries. I have been using a Lezyne thing, but it’s just not up to the job on long commutes.

My favourite light maker, Hope of Barnoldswick have produced an integrated version of their R2. It’s no lightweight, but the body is machined aluminium, and it’s well sealed from the elements. The twin LED elements are bright enough to ride unlit lanes fast, even on the lowest of the five constant settings.

The mount is the same as the hope R4, and is a solid, sturdy bayonet action with all parts made in metal.

Fitted with a handy barograph charge indicator, if this lasts a working week on a charge (and Hope claim 30 hours on low power) I’ll be a happy bunny and buy one.

A nice product with a solid look and feel – but man, it feels heavy next to the Lezyne unit it’s replaced.

February 24th – Saint Matthews Hall – sometime church hall, Walsall County Courthouse and wine bar, has been turned in a specialist real ale pub by Wetherspoons, and by all accounts it’s a decent transformation. I’d not noticed before, but it’s lit with colour shifting, high power LED lighting. I’m not shire what to make of it; it looks gimmicky and cheap, but it is rather impressive. A curious thing…