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August 17th – If you listen to many opinions in these parts, Brownhills is ugly, a lost cause; everything is broken and we’re descending into oblivion.

But if you open your eyes, and look around, it’s not quite like that.

How I’ve managed to not notice the old wooden rowing boat filled with beautiful flowers before, I’ll never know. It’s placed wonderfully by the Canoe and Outdoor Centre on Silver Street, and captivated me. My compliments to whoever thought of it and planted it. It’s gorgeous.

Compliments are also due to the local schoolkids who planted sunflowers on the open space between the High Street and Short Street; they are ¬†absolutely beautiful, and can’t but make you smile.

Brownhills has more than 99 problems. But a lack of beauty isn’t one of them, oddly enough.

June 9th РI came back from work and into Brownhills on a rather lovely summer evening, which, in contrast to the stormy morning, was welcome and lovely. Even at 6pm Brownhills seemed busy with walkers and folk out and about, and the Canoe and Outdoor Centre on Silver Street was humming with activity. 

Summer this year is coming in short bursts. Hope this stormy weather passes soon…

April 21st – It was nice to note that Brownhills Canoe and Outdoor Centre seemed to be busy this morning. They were holding an open day, with free 20 minute introductory sessions for those interested in pursuing the activity.

I love to see the place in use, and folks out, enjoying the canal. Their presence made things feel quite summery, despite the overcast weather.